Wearing polka dot to work

My mind is 70% occupied at the moment. With what you ask? Game of Thrones people!!! ūüėÄ

polka dot dress

Well, you cannot blame me, the show leaves you with a yearning that messes with your head for a week till you watch the next episode and then leaves you in utter dismay for an entire year. Fans would probably relate more to my sentiments here.

I almost forgot the joy, the chills and all the emotions known to mankind this show brings upon and so I spent the last 4 days watching the last two seasons before the new one begins. I am guilty as charged for ignoring everything important last week, including publishing this post. But I guess it is alright to cut yourself some slack sometimes and do something you love, even if it is nowhere penned on your priority list.


polka dot dress

Sorry, this sudden change of subject might seem a little quiver, but when it comes to a show that has millions under its spell, it’s hard to resist the excitement! ūüėÄ

Coming to my outfit, I get bitter sweet feelings and get a tad emotional when I look at this dress, which is from one of my collections. I had my own clothing brand a few years ago and although I started it with a lot of enthusiasm, unfortunately had to stop.

polka dot dress

polka dot dress

And yes, the outfit resembles the dress from Pretty Woman that Julia Roberts wore at the derby, which I promise I only figured the third time I watched the movie, so as far as I am concerned my design is original lol. The thought of styling the dress vintage style did cross my mind, but then I figured, a classic looking dress, cat-eye sunglasses, wing tip liner. What’s the fun in that?

Flaunt   your   Polka   dot   dress   at   work!

We all know how difficult the decision of “What do I wear to work” every morning is. Thankfully, offices these days are easy on dress regulations. So, without looking too formal or pressing hard on its original style, why not wear a polka dress with a twist? I have undoubtedly implemented a hint of my personal style and gave the look a more casual approach by adding a hat, tights and cut out shoes instead of heels. But feel free to experiment with your outfit the way you want to. My suggestion would¬†perhaps be a pair of boots or sneakers? or, if you still want to keep it classic, a pair of oxfords can never go wrong.

polka dot dress

polka dot dress

polka dot dress
I wore the lipstick while we were heading for some coffee post shoot. It was obviously too late until I figured I should have worn it before. ūüôĀ

Hope you enjoyed this entry and the look.

And to all my fellow brothers and sisters from the GOT fan community, winter is here, let the fun begin! ūüėÄ



Outfit Details:

Dress: Designed by me / Shoes and Hat: China / Laptop bag and tights: Sarojini Nagar (New Delhi)

Concept, Styling, Modelling, Edit: Smita Roy Majumder

Photography: Team S&T

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