Vintage and Vivacity!

Vintage Hair and Make Up

When life changes to be harder,

Change yourself to be stronger,

What hurts you today,

Makes you stronger tomorrow.

–  Edwin Mamerto

Life is unpredictable, life is rigid. But hey, it is going to be a bed of roses, said no one ever.

Life can throw its most arduous challenges when you least expect them, or, rather, when you expect too much of it.  It might put you in a vulnerable position with a feeling of falling between the cracks of decisions, reality, dreams and hard luck. You might not get what you always expect, or, there might be circumstances that you cannot control, but that one thing that you will always have in your possession is your choice. The choices you make, define you and the person you want to be. You can choose to fall apart, or, you can choose to swim harder, rise up from the giant wave that pulled you deep under, fight like it’s your last chance of survival, and continue living stronger and more determined than ever.

I have gone through a lot of highs and lows in the past couple of years and although I would not say I have been enlightened by the power of wisdom, there is certainly a lot that I have learnt, which I would love to share with you guys in my upcoming posts. 🙂


Vintage inspired look

I have always been fascinated with anything that portrays classic and rustic. Every morning I would wake up and look outside the window, admiring this beautiful red vintage car parked outside our house, and wonder, how beautiful would  a photo shoot look with it.

So we decided to do one before the car disappears. The shoot was done almost a year ago and I have been contemplating ever since, about putting up the post for I had accidentally lost 80 percent of the images, especially the ones that were shot in front of the car. But as I was going through the photographs the other day, I felt that, even though I did not get what I wanted, the pictures that survived deserved a chance. If nothing else, for the effort that we put in.

Vintage inspired look

Vintage inspired Hair and Make Up

Vintage inspired look
A glimpse of the car. 🙁

I am ought to say that the more number of blogs I post and share with you guys, the more connected I feel with you. Hope you feel the same.

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Outfit Details:

Blouse and Skirt: Ali Express

Shoes : Aldo


Concept, Styling, Modelling, Edit: Smita Roy Majumder

PhotographyTeam S&T

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