Uniting Khaki and the Dress over Pants trend!

‘Khaki   is   a   much   bigger   trend   than   florals   this   season. ‘ 

khaki trend

When you think of spring, flowers and floral prints are the first things that occupy your mind.  Well, I don’t blame you, because that’s how things have always been perceived. But there are good changes coming around and the Khaki trend is one of them.

When I think of Khakis, I intermittently picture this man I remember from my childhood, who used to be in his mid 40’s and delivered letters to our address in his khaki uniform. I used to call him the Postman Uncle. Also, now that we are on it, how can I not mention our Indian Police? lol

‘Nevertheless, Khaki  further reminds   me   of   famous   brands   like   Dockers   and   GAP.’

khaki trend

Although a little on the heavier side as a fabric, Khakis could be a good substitute to the good old denims. At least I would personally prefer wearing a comfortable pair of Khaki trousers over jeans during summers. And the good news is, designers  have introduced this uniform staple in various styles, from high-waisted, knee length dresses to classic fit, military jackets and trench coats, they have it all.

About the Look

khaki trend

khaki trend

Layering is something I have always loved. It shows that you actually care about what you wear, and that there is some kind of thought process involved when you chose your outfit for the day, rather than just throwing something on. And the Dress over Pants, is a trend I absolutely adore and lucky for me, the weather in Bangalore allows me to go experimental with layering. Hence, I decided to pair my Khaki dress with wide legged trousers and black heels. 

khaki trend

khaki trend

Now from what I have researched so far, fashionistas say this look is all about balance. But believe me, I have tried it with all kinds silhouettes and different shapes and sizes of denims and other pants in my wardrobe, and it fits RIGHT in!

Regardless of the kind of dress that you are wearing or the shape of the bottom, I figured, as long as you are strutting your stuff, you can get away with this look. So go fearless and experiment, after all, fashion is all about having fun!

Interesting facts about my outfit

khaki trend

The dress is an original Gap 2009 collection, exclusively designed by Vena Cava, which I purchased for INR 250/- a couple of months after the launch from an old contact person in Janpath, Delhi, who used to sell original branded wear for dirt cheap prizes. I am not exactly proud of it, but, oh well. And the flared black trousers are my very first piece of formal clothing, I purchased almost 8-9 years ago before an interview. 

Feels good to be able to say hello to old clothes and flaunt them as something that is currently so in vogue, instead of purchasing new ones really. Also, although I am unsure of the exact price of the shoes and the trousers, I am  certain the whole look put together is not more than INR 800/- . YUSSS!

GAP khaki
Check out the lovely woman, (second from left) from their 2009 banner shoot.

Hope you liked the post and thank you for stopping by.



Outfit Details:

Dress: Gap / Trousers: Sarojininagar

Shoes : Commercial Street

Concept, Styling, Modelling, Edit: Smita Roy Majumder

PhotographyTeam S&T

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