The journey of the Black Tulle Skirt

Black Tulle Skirt

Seldom have I come across someone who has said, “Things are just how I always wanted them to be”. Well, I suppose, lucky are those whose life turned out exactly as they planned. But then, if you are always so sure of  what you want, that there are no rooms left for any mistakes or transitions, how will you look back from where you stand today (or future) and mock all the miscalculations that happened in between?

Imagine, in the process of accurately shaping your present and future as you, or your parents have mapped it, you have turned your life into a cram school. Your life is one directional and all you want to do is meet goals. I have never really thought of what I wanted to do, or wanted to be when I grow up. And it’s kind of ironic coming from a person who prepares a fresh to-do list everyday. People would imagine me to have my life planned 5 years ahead somehow, but no, that’s not it.

Black Tulle Skirt

Although, I perhaps always knew I would do something in the creative field, for I had spent most of my childhood days in my room doodling, sketching portraits or designing my own clothes. Kid you not, I started early, as early as 7th grade, when normal jeans and t-shirts started to bore me and I set out designing my own. During my college days, I was a part of an all girls rock band as a vocalist, which I assumed would roar but was pretty short-lived, so yes, there was a phase when I also thought I might end up becoming a singer. But then life took a different course and here I am, standing tall as a Fashion Stylist and Blogger.Black Tulle Skirt







For those who still haven’t figured it yet, the black tulle skirt I am referring to here is me.

Black Tulle Skirt

I have lived quite a spontaneous life and  have made decisions that fly-by-night. I changed from a small town lone wolf, to this extrovert who learnt her big city survival game plans sooner than expected.

Now there was also this stage when from an extremely talkative person I became a near about goth. I stayed confined in my house listening to music all day and would go out only when I had work, dressed in black. I remember this guy asking me once, “Do you goths have a special anthem?”, and I still cannot fathom what that meant.

Black Tulle Skirt

Along with the other changes, the way I perceive life kept changing and so did my priorities. In the thick of this metamorphosis though, two things that remained constant till date, was my passion for music (old school rock and metal mostly) and fashion. My love for music has helped me overcome life’s most difficult times and somehow I love and try to demonstrate that through my outfits.  So, when I came across Versus’s Spring 2017 A “Bad Girl Who Breaks the Rules”damn right I could not wait to do a post on it. This outfit is everything that defines me and my personal style. Drama, street style, my love for rock music, a part of my past and my “I do not care” approach. 

Black Tulle Skirt

I have incorporated the athleisure trend which is going to play big this season, by pairing the black transparent tulle skirt with a baseball T-shirt and knee high converse.

Black Tulle Skirt

Black Tulle Skirt

Hope you liked this look, for you will be seeing a lot of high drama and ME ensembles in the coming posts! And hell, Welcome to the Bad Girls Club! 

Outfit Details:

Top: Splash / Tulle Skirt: DIY / Shoes: Converse Store, New Delhi / Choker: Gift from Sweden

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Concept, Styling, Modelling, Edit: Smita Roy Majumder

Photography: Team S&T


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