The Chambor Orosa Foundation Review

Chambor Orosa Liquid FoundationThis review on The Orosa Skin Fusion has been long over due. This foundation from the Orosa line of products by Chambor is serum-like and a skin corrector introduced in the market almost a year ago. I just started using it a while ago and couldn’t help but write about the product, and have mostly good things to say.

I came across this  fabulous thing when I finally ran out of my Lancome foundation, which I bought from my last trip to Sydney and have been fretting on not finding the same shade once it’s over. It was 9.00 pm already and I had to leave for an early morning shoot the following day for which I had no choice but get my hands on something good no matter what, well at-least to work something with for this shoot. So I ended up in this small Health and Glow store near my house which barely had three brands to choose from. After spending almost an hour at the store, although skeptical, I decided to pick up the Chambor Orosa Skin Fusion Foundation and give it a try.

About the product:

Chambor Orosa Liquid Foundation

The foundation comes in four different shades:

Chambor Orosa Skin Fusion FoundationI have a light olive complexion and I prefer wearing a shade warmer than my skin tone, so I went for the Shade 303, Ochre Deep which is the deepest in the range.

The foundation comes in a frosty glass bottle with a dropper, in a red gold shimmery box, giving it a very opulent look. The liquid inside has a light runny creamy texture, almost like baby oil, but absolutely non greasy. It spreads evenly on your skin and settles down to a matte finish within a minute after application. Because of it’s feathery light texture, the foundation doesn’t look caked up on your face, so you can use it during the day as well. Although it has SPF 15 which offers mild protection against the sun, a coat of sunscreen underneath is advisable.

Chambor Orosa Liquid Foundation

My Experience:

I mostly use the serum during photo-shoots and need to use at-least 2-3 layers for a long lasting and deeper coverage, however for everyday use I reckon a single coat does the trick. To get the right measure, since the foundation comes with a dropper, 4-5 drops is sufficient for the first layer and whilst it hides almost all the flaws and pores in your skin, for a better finish I suggest using a concealer before applying the foundation, for it doesn’t cover the under eyes and dark blemishes completely. 

Also, if you have an oily or combination skin like mine, you’d probably have to dab some powder on to get rid of the shine off your face every 4-5 hours, especially your forehead and the area around your nose, but apart from that, the foundation would last for good 8-10 hours before it starts fading out a little.

How to use it:

Chambor Orosa Liquid Foundation

  1. Clean your face and apply a primer mixed with a little moisturizer all over the face. (What I use: Colorbar perfect match primer/Neutrogena Moisturizer for Combination Skin)
  2. Use a concealer, dab it on the blemishes and all the dark areas of your face and blend it well. What I use: (Kryolan Derma Color)
  3. Apply the foundation, you can use a stippling brush for a more even and smooth application. (What I use: Chambor Orosa Skin Fusion Foundation, Shade 303)
  4. Seal the make up with loose or compact powder. (What I use: Starlet Mineral Powder)

(Tip: Shake the bottle well before using it for the ingredients to mix well)

Chambor Orosa Liquid Foundation

The only thing that I am not a fan of is the dropper. It became wobbly after the first use, due to which I cannot get a good enough grip to use it at all, and have to pour down the liquid every time before using the foundation, plus it is slippery. . Having said that, the foundation is a good value for money product and comes at a price of INR 1495/- for 25ml. A few might think of it being a little expensive for the quantity, yet I would suggest you give it a try for I  really think it is a good investment.

Hope the post was helpful. Do leave your comments below and let me know if you have any such product you fell in love with.




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