The Boss Babe hustle!

Boss Babe office wear

We see and hear the word Boss Babe often these days. So what exactly does it mean and what is it that makes a girl a Boss or a Power babe?

Boss babe started as a club that teaches women to be independent. It is a brand that hosts events to bring like minded women under one roof, mostly entrepreneurs, for them to meet and inspire each other. There are the achievers and there are the dreamers.

Here is their website: The Boss Babe Academy

Boss Babe: My personal opinion

Boss Babe office wear


Boss babe could mean differently to different people. To me, a boss babe is not just a successful career woman. A boss babe could be a small town girl who dreams big and works endlessly to achieve her goals, a mother who has an entire household’s responsibility and works as a full time home-maker. Someone who despite all her personal struggles, strives to have a balanced and sane work life and someone who has the courage to break her silence and speak up against immorality and corruption. According to me, they all are Boss Babes!

Boss Babe: About the Look


I find it exemplary of the typical opinion that women working in corporate offices  who are expected to dress up in formal clothing, should also maintain a feminine panorama. (Well unless you want it too!)

“Boss Babe is someone who breaks norms and says no to anything stereotypical!”

Boss Babe office wear

Through this look I wanted to portray a working woman in a power suit, where she defies the rule of wearing stilettos or heels and wears something that defines her and makes office errands comfortable. (After all, why should men have all the fun in their flat soles! Tscht!)

Boss Babe office wear

Boss Babe office wear

Boss Babe office wear

I love to have fun with my outfit, even if it means wearing formal clothes which are often considered boring, for which I have compiled a look in cropped top with work wear, which is supposed to be one of the trends of 2017 and incorporated a 90’s touch to it by wearing baggy trousers. (Also, remember the side messy buns and one ear drop earrings?). 

Boss Babe office wear

Well, as per the trend report, when they say cropped top, they actually mean bralettes, but let’s face it, unless you are a fictional character from Suits, or any other corporate series, wearing flashy outfits, especially at work where they already have imposed a dress code, wouldn’t go very well with the Human Resource department. 

Boss Babe office wear

I have perhaps indicated this  a gazillion times before, that although I like to keep myself up to date with the current trends, fashion over comfort just does not exist in my dictionary. Hence, I have worn my favorite red pair of kicks, to add some fun and quirk, apart from liberating myself of heels from my formal outfit.

To conclude, I also believe that a Boss Babe is someone who breaks norms and says no to anything stereotypical and does things her way, without much concern about general approvals.

So, here is to all the Boss Ladies around the world! 

Be different! Be you! 



Outfit Details:

Trousers: Tokyo Talkies (Myntra) / Top: Bonhomie / Red Kicks: Myntra / Blazer and Bag: Store in Sydney

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Top: Lace Crop TopCation Women White Crop Top

Bottom: AJIO Relaxed Fit TrousersBesiva High Waist , Solid Trouser

Shoes: Vikky Mid-Ankle Sneakers Averett Red Casual Sneakers


Concept, Styling, Modelling, Edit: Smita Roy Majumder

Photography: Team S&T


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