The best of Spring Summer 2019 Styles – Part I

The month of March has hit the earth and being in Bangalore, I’d declare that it’s officially summers.
I have always been a winter baby because let’s just say huffing, puffing, wiping sweat off my face along with the make up that took almost 20 minutes of my life to wear, are my least favorite things to do. But well then, one also cannot really complain about the uber cool styles the season brings along.

The report that I am going to present to you brings Spring Summer 2019’s hottest styles

I know I am excited, for the 90’s style is back baby!!! And you all know how much I love old school fashion.

Here are my 10 most favorite major and micro trends that are going to be totally in this season (Spring Summer 2019),

Color-blocking Neon: Go bold, go wild! Think of eye blinding greens, pinks and yellows. And because one color is just not enough, we go color blocking all the way!

Beige: Now it’s understandable that neons might not be everybody’s cup of tea. Which is why, this season also has all the different shades of the classic trench coat you can think of for the sober color lovers. Jumpsuits, cotton dresses, summer blazers, take your pick.

Tie and Dye prints: Who doesn’t love wearing a fun dress, or a top with a splash of color on it? Pair your outfits with flats and gladiators and some feathery accessories, and you have donned the perfect summery boho-look!

Lace Lace Baby: You can go for lacy trims or the whole yard. One can never have enough of this dainty fabric.

Crochet: An absolute resort and beach must have. But I plan on getting a few crochet pieces for my street-wear looks too because, why limit your imagination right?

Acid Wash Denims: I know I had tucked a few away a couple of years ago. Time to get those babies out!

Jumpsuits / Boiler suits: A pain when nature calls but otherwise a favorite.

Bike Shorts: Pair them up with a loose Tee and sneakers and you are done! Also, don’t forget the belt bag! yup yup, the touristy belt bag us still in this season.

Black and White Checks

And the sweet sweet 90’s trend is back: Saved the best one for the last! Think of mom jeans, rock and roll, graffiti, scribbled tees and shirts and over size everything! Now that’s what I call style with comfort.

There is so much more to the Spring Summer trend that I am excited and want to write about, so I’ll be continuing this post in the second part and meanwhile, you go get your summer wardrobe ready ok.



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