The Athleisure / Sports Luxe Inspired Look

Athleisure Sport Luxe Sports inspired lookI have always had a penchant for putting an outfit well together. It might not be Grace Kelly or Elizabeth Taylor perfect, but let’s just say I like to look presentable and well informed about the current trends when I head out. However, do I prefer fashion over comfort? Absolutely YES! I would settle on sneakers over heels at any given day.

If asked, I would describe my personal style as experimental. I like to mix different genres of fashion and invigorate something unaccustomed and uncliched with my outfits. But most importantly, regardless of what I wear, I have to feel comfortable in it. Infact, other than weekend nights, you would mostly catch me in comfortable, non fussy casual clothing. Which brings us to todays look that I very lovingly call Athleisure-Luxe (Athleisure + Sports Luxe).

About Athleisure and Sport Luxe

Athleisure Sport Luxe Sports inspired look

Well, as the names indicate, they both are sports inspired Fashion, however they are not really meant for workouts. Athleisure is street style with a sporty element and is usually casual and comfortable. For e.g, numbered tees with denims, yoga pants, trekkies with a casual top or shirt and are mostly worn with flat shoes. Sports Luxe on the other hand, is more embellished and edgy with a sporty vibe to it.

Athleisure Sport Luxe Sports inspired look

These trends of comfort without compromising on style have become so popular over the years that they just do not tend to cease, but make a come back every season with different cuts and tweaks. Apart from the runways, fashionistas were spotted sporting this trend at the SS17 fashion weeks all around.

About my Look:

Athleisure Sport Luxe Sports inspired look

Honestly, I am unsure if my look particularly belongs to any one of these genres. Because everything apart, my lunchbox clutch does not scream athleisure by any means, however I decided to add it anyway since it goes perfectly with my outfit and also because these clutches are one of the upcoming trends this year. Hence at my convenience, I decided to call it an Athleisure Luxe Look. 😀

Athleisure Sport Luxe Sports inspired look

I bought this full length knitted pencil skirt a couple of months ago for the winters from Koovs. To give it a sporty feel, I paired the skirt with a numbered cropped top and given the slight chilly Bangalore weather these days, I layered it with a baggy sporty bomber jacket.

Also, whenever you think of pencil skirts, you mostly think of heels to pair them with. Now, wouldn’t it be comforting if somebody could suggest that a pair of sneakers, kicks or even trainers could look equally cool? 😀

Athleisure Sport Luxe Sports inspired look

Athleisure Sport Luxe Sports inspired look

Usually the athleisure or the sports luxe trend is associated with neutral colours like black, white, greys and navies. However, with the designers experimenting and introducing colour blocks, bold and bright hues have become an emerging trend in both these genres. I tried to incorporate that in my look by adding this bright lunch box clutch from Snutch, which as earlier mentioned is one of the upcoming trends for SS2017.

Tips to Rock the Athleisure / Sports Luxe Inspired Outfit

Athleisure Sport Luxe Sports inspired look

Do not pair baggy with baggy. Go as bold and experimental as you want, like pairing a sports bra with a casual blazer or joggers with heels, as long as you are comfortable, rest assured you are carrying off your look just fine.



Outfit Details:

Skirt : Koovs /  Shoes: Bata / Top: Myntra / Men’s Bomber Jacket: Adidas, Bag: Snutch / Cap: Amazon

Concept, Styling, Modelling, Edit: Smita Roy Majumder

Photography: Team S&T

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