Sweet And Sour

I have a bitter sweet relationship with life, but then I guess don’t we all? 

There comes times when you feel that the universe is conspiring against you. Like there is someone, or a group of few somebodies sitting somewhere, having caramel cheese pop-corn and watching everything you built around with caution fall apart. 

So for those who know I am a stylist apart from being a blogger, I finally happened to find my dream job last July only to let go after fighting for my existence against a bunch of people, who were rich enough to invest in a company, but short sighted enough to not being able to run one. It was a hard decision to make, but I made myself come to terms with it because we all know when the fight is over and when to let go.


A few days later our help robbed us. The following day I stubbed my toe against a big pointy rock while running frantically to receive a big package of cosmetics I ordered and scraped my toe nail and skin off to its bones. And no I did not enjoy unpacking it one bit if that’s what you are wondering. The same night when I tried to turn my laptop on, turns out my OS has crashed. The mother board bid adieu taking down all my life’s hard work with it, my styling folio, my blog pictures, my contacts! Everything was gone! And I did not have a back up for more than half the images. 

I sat in the laptop repair shop the following day and thought to myself, how can someones life be this messed up? lol. But I started anew. New photo shoots for the blog and my styling portfolio, new articles and few of my old works and contacts that I was lucky to recover from emails.

I am aware that there are people who have gone through worse and believe me when I say incidents that I mentioned above are just the ones I have a good laugh talking about, the rest are best not mentioning. All I am saying is, easier said than done, every time something goes wrong, just sit, breathe and tell this to yourself, “I have fallen before and I know this is not the last time and so I will rise up and start again.” Do not let anyone, or, anything break you. Mourn and whine, take as much time as you need to vent and heal and start all over. 

I feel so light when I speak my heart out so thank you for stopping by. Feel free to share your thoughts, I’d love to read them. 


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