Styling guide on how to wear turtlenecks!

Turtlenecks are a classic staple that I believe should be in everybody’s closet. Yes, they are the best during the chilly season, but I also believe that this simple piece of clothing is so resourceful, that just like denims, they should be in your wardrobe all year round and need not be put away during the seasonal wardrobe change.

How to style Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks during winters can be worn under the warm layering and you continue wearing them as a single piece on days when the mild heat of summers have started to take over. And well, believe me or not, I do not let go and wear them if I need to step out for an open air get together at night and well and at time even when the rains hit the earth mid year.

Look 1. Turtlenecks and Dress

Wear them with your favorite strappy dress and  pair them with a great pair of heels for an evening party, or sneakers for a casual day out.


Look 2. Turtlenecks and Pants

Love your blacks? Go for an all black outfit and pair your turtleneck with a great pair of black trousers or jeans and accessorize with a pop of red (or any bright color of your choice), could be a bag, a belt, shoes or even a pair of statement earrings!

Look 3. Turtlenecks and Skirts

The last and my favorite, this wild child, street wear look that you can gain by pairing your turtleneck with skirts. Wear it with your midis and minis and a great pair of heels, or style them with a long flowy skirt, flat sandals or boots and chunky jewelry and you are good to go!

I had prepared this post like almost a month ago, but I fell behind on putting it up which has never happened before and I feel kind of sorry about it. I so wish I could post it as soon as I finished, for turtlenecks were such a rage last fall.  Nevertheless, I hope you like it and pray this piece would still be helpful for those almost chilly days and when just a dress or a tee doesn’t cut it.



Concept, Styling, Makeup, Modelling, EditSmita Roy Majumder

PhotographyTeam SnT

Outfit Details:

Turtleneck Top: Amazon Fashion

Look 1: Dress (Sarojini Nagar), Shoes (Myntra – Sold out)

Look 2: Trousers and belt (Sarojini Nagar), Shoes (Shop Nineteen – Sold out)

Look 3: Skirt (Forever 21 – Sold out), Shoes (Aldo Store)

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