Spring Summer color trends 2018!

Feels like ages since I sat and wrote something down on the blog. And I agree that I am not as regular as I used to be before. I have been taking these much needed occasional breaks from work and blogging, for personal life can sometimes take a toll and outweigh your professional life no matter how hard you try, we are all humans after all.

This post aside from letting you guys know about the major colors trends of the Spring Summer season, is also a little about what my current state of mind is and how would like it to be instead. You know that dreary feeling of knowing you are capable of doing a lot, yet are stuck with whatever life throws at you? Adjusting and telling yourself the phase will pass and life as  we speak and dream of, will shine like the many hued rainbow again? Yup! That’s me at the moment!

Let’s   just   cut   to   the   chase   and    talk   about   the   color   trends   that   would   reign   the   Spring   Summer   season   this   year.

Ultra-violet:  Which I have used in my picture as accessories and make-up (the butterflies, tights and eye- shadow). I think it is ideal for people who like me, feel the color might be too over powering as clothing. So without being a fashion dweeb, the smartest thing to do would be to break it up and incorporate the hue in small portions.


Here   are   the   rest   of   the   colors   that   are   in   trend   with  color   swatches   for   your   reference.

Bright / Vibrant Palette:


Pastel / Pleasant Hues

The   two   other   colors   that  are  currently  trending   but  I   honestly   was   not   sure   which   category   to   place   them   in   are   these,

                               Shades of Army Green!














Few   of   my   Top   Picks   from   the   Spring   Summer   Color   Trends   2018:

Women Lavender Solid TopWomen Red Solid Maxi DressMauve Layered Floral Print TopFloral Ruffle Wrap DressVictoriana Tiered Maxi DressAjio Mid-Rise Culottes with Slit HemsFloral Print Shift DressPleated Pants with Tie-UpPrinted Off Shoulder

Hope the post helps getting your summer wardrobe ready with the right colors for you this season and for any kind of styling queries, just drop in a mail or leave your comments below and I am always here to help! Until next time,



Concept, Styling, Makeup, Modelling, EditSmita Roy Majumder

PhotographyTeam SnT

Outfit Details:

Dress: Sarojini Nagar / Shoes: Myntra / Tights: Unsure / Butterflies: Wall Stickers from a local vendor

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