Reminiscence – Embracing Autumn as we bid farewell to Spring SNT Ft. Arja by Aiswarya

Spring, a season that unlike a memory any other, comes around intertwined in timeless loop as a pleasant thought. A season that is most awaited, for it brings along joy and beauty to people’s hearts. There are poems written on spring for not only is it the season of romance, charming melodies, bees and butterflies, but it also depicts renaissance. A period when mother nature removes the dreary cloak of fall and drapes herself in the splendid, bright colors of flowers and trees.

About   the   collection: ”  Reminiscence,   the   essence   of   spring”

“The   collection   is   an   ode   to  memories   and   nostalgia   of   spring   as   we   march   towards   autumn.”

Bringing such fond memories back is Arja’s new collection, “Reminiscence, the essence of spring”. The fabric used is handmade cotton and the dull floral print reminds us of the seasons’ transition from spring to autumn. While the lace, gathers, loose silhouettes and asymmetric patterns add details to the garments, head bands and scarves create a cozy feel and a nostalgic , retro vibe to the outfits.

About   the   Designer   and   the   Label –   ‘Arja’   by   Aiswarya 

I am someone who is in a constant lookout for anything distinct, even it is something as dainty as a brooch and this collection has won my heart with it’s clever cuts and designs. Each piece has something unique about it, be it the balloon sleeves, the cowl skirt, the beautiful cutouts at the back, or, the voluminous long ruffled  skirt, which makes you feel like a bohemian princess and happens to be one of my favorite picks.

What astonishes me most about the collection is that, unlike any other cotton clothing where the silhouettes are more straightforward with uncomplicated cuts, without compromising on the quality of the fabric, the clothes have the most intricate, yet gorgeous, ready-to-wear designs. The best part about the collection is that the garments are carefully constructed in a way that every item can be styled differently. For instance the cotton jumpsuit can be worn with or without the shrug and you can even add a belt around! Now how often does a clothing brand offer that?

So if like me you are someone who likes to fill her wardrobe with clothes that makes you stand out from the ordinary, then this is where your search ends!

Outfit Details –  Brand: ‘Arja’

Concept, Styling, Makeup, Modelling, Edit: Smita Roy Majumder

PhotographyPradeep Rajam

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