Skulls And Tulles – How it all began Celebrating one year of Blog-Anniversary!

Skulls And Tulles It was a year ago when sitting at the desk of my office, I decided to do and own something I could call my own. Starting a clothing or a shoe line was a long shot and I wanted something NOW! Something that had the reflection of my personality, my creativity, my style. A place I could call my safe haven and where I could explore my creative ideas to the max without being dissed or being answerable to anyone.  And that is when the idea of starting my own fashion blog struck.

People   ask   me,   why   Skulls   And   Tulles?

Skulls And Tulles

Like I said, I wanted something that was an impression of myself. Skulls, apart from representing my everlasting love for rock and metal music, portrays the gray side of me that has always been fascinated with the mysterious events of life. Magic, spirits, the afterlife, angels, demons, I like to believe they all exist. Tulles, on the contrary, represents the more delicate side of me, a significantly feminine edge, that is not a big fan of pink and floral print clothing, but otherwise, loves everything beautiful and pretty.

Skulls And Tulles

I listen to Bollywood as much as I tune into gothic metal. I love Carrie Bradshaw and her epic tulle outfits, as much as I love Angela Gossow and her growls. I grew up watching Headbanger Ball but I have never missed an episode of Desperate Housewives either.  So, as much asunder as it may seem, that’s me, one person, living with two considerably mismatched characteristics, and hence, Skulls And Tulles.

About  the  look

Skulls And Tulles

People who have watched Sex and The City, would know Carrie had a life, wore clothes and had a shoe closet most would kill for. To me, most of her best looks were the one’s in tulles and the ones that you would think are downright crazy. Like this one time when she was just chilling at home, watching tv, wearing hipster panties, tank top along with a multi-strand pearl necklace.

Skulls And Tulles

You must have probably figured by now that my outfit is inspired by her character. YES! apart from the legendary tutu, she wore in the introductory scene of the series, I would never forget the ball-gown skirt she got on in the movie, with a sporty tee in the market of Abu-Dhabi. I knew I had to wear something similar at least once in my life. And so here I am, in a look staying true to my obsession with Carrie Bradshaw’s outfit choices and my blog’s name.

Skulls And Tulles

For those who feel they might have seen me in the top before, well yes, I have worn it once for an outfit post a few months ago and I have no shame in sporting it again, for recycling clothes is one of the things I truly believe in too.

Here is the link to my previous post.

Skulls And Tulles

Skulls And Tulles

I also wanted to write about my journey as a blogger, but let’s keep that for another time. For now, I hope you enjoyed this much personal write up and I thank you all for appreciating my work.



Outfit Details:

Top: Myntra / Tulle Skirt: Local Market-Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi / Shoes: Koovs (Sale) / Bag: Singapore

Concept, Styling, Modelling, Edit: Smita Roy Majumder

PhotographyTeam S&T

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