Seven days in the ‘Life of a Fashion Blogger’

Life of a fashion blogger

For a lot of people, free gifts and fancy events sum up the life of a fashion blogger. But let me start by telling you that blogging, by all means, is a passion driven job and most of the time a thankless one. There is no boss to report to, but there is no one to give you an appraisal every year for your hard work either. We bloggers work 24/7 and our biggest asset that keeps most of us going are people who follow us and cherish our work. Really! Behind those beautiful gifts, fancy parties and events is an ugly truth which mostly we bloggers know of. 

What I earn when I write a blog post, is the joy of opening up and connecting with my readers and the satisfaction that I get when people appreciate what I do. My website, apart from being a source that allows me to be myself, is a portfolio where I share my creativity, which I hope might also someday open a few doors where genuine, professional people can see my potential and might want to work with me.

This brings me to my question to some of the brands and PR agencies, “What goes through your mind when you think that I should market your products/events without any monetary compensation?”

“Things a  Fashion   Blogger   gets   lured   with…”

If nothing else, their rebuttals amaze me. “You get to keep the dress, or, cosmetics for free”, “Cash, or, a store voucher, same thing, no?”. Tell me, if I want something for myself, why would I not just go ahead and buy it with the money that I very respectfully deserve to be paid for getting somebody else’s work done in the first place anyway? At least it would be something for me to check off my shopping list, something that I actually want.

And, how exactly are cash and store vouchers the same thing? Is there any way I can use that voucher and buy myself food, or, pay my bills? lol

Unlike many, we do not have the concept of 9-5 and weekend offs and I am well aware that a lot of people and brands think that all that a blogger needs to do is to pick a topic, take pictures and write about it. If you are one amongst them, read along to know what seven days in my life as a blogger looks like.


– Waking up, reading and responding back to emails over a cup of coffee.
– Image selection, editing.
– Sharing images on social media in between, while working on captivating captions and adding relevant hashtags! (a minimum of 2 times a day)
– Replying back to all the pending comments on previous posts, which might be no less than 80-100. And then there is liking and commenting on other profiles too, that would help increase engagement and the number of followers on all my media platforms. This alone takes up to 70% of the time that I am awake.

Besides all the tasks I mentioned above, there is a lot of planning that goes into a photo shoot. Including thinking of relevant blog topics to write about, determining an outfit, that perfect hair and makeup, to location scouting. Sometimes I am even up till 2-3am finishing a story, just to wake up and repeat the same routine again the next day.


I do not know what a Friday night is anymore, for I have to wake up by 4-5 am, shower when the rest of the world is comfortably tucked under their blanket, get dressed and wear expensive makeup (which I take off immediately after the shoot anyway). But it doesn’t end there, I get ogled at by every moving thing on the street while I am trying to ignore and give my best, for I cannot compromise on my image quality.

Having said that, blogging has also opened up a whole new world, where competitors willingly help each other grow and in the process I have made some wonderful friends which I am grateful for.

A message to my fellow bloggers:

I know you feel the same and remember that I speak for everyone. Do not break and know your worth. The world might see us the way they want to, but we know how hard we work, we know we are warriors!

Hope you liked the post. If you have anything you would like to talk about, please share it in the comments section below, I would love to read and communicate with you further.


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