Gearing up for a ‘NO’ resolution New Year – 2019

And just like that, 2018 has come to an end and it undoubtedly felt like the longest year of my life.

My ‘No’ resolution for the  New Year

While I had my moments of joy and laughter, what I spent doing mostly this year was grieve and hustle. I mourned the loss of loved ones and struggled with a lot of decisions that were hard to make, but had to be taken. Letting go of things I love most, and spending one fourth of the time adjudicating my own actions was also a part of it. But despite the ruckus, I believe these chapters of my life somehow has made me a tad wiser if not stronger.

Now, I do not believe in making resolutions, for I never tend to stick to them, but there are certain things I have decided to change, which I have already started working on. The first thing that I plan on doing is focusing on my health. And not just physical, but mental as well. I realize that there are things that I need to let go of and I need to keep my sanity and calm at unpleasant situations, even if I know that I stand correct. Second, I have come to terms with the fact that the more you deliver, the more you expect and when people let you down, it becomes really difficult to forgive and forget. So no more is any one receiving anything more than what I gain from them.

Never under any circumstances, will I put my self respect and dignity at stake. And last but not the least, I would maintain a balanced, doesn’t necessarily mean a healthy, relationship with the handful of people I know, for the reason they are still there in my life is probably because I consider them being a part of it already.

Few of the things I realize that I have said might sound a little egotistical, but then, what are we all but meager beings striving to survive and this I believe might be the best possible way for me. And believe me when I say that I am a fun loving person so in no way do I want to make this sound like a sob story. I love meeting new people, I love travelling, I love dancing my heart out and I love singing aloud!

Enough said. This New Year I am mostly going to sit it out at home with my family, if not, a small gathering somewhere with my friends perhaps. I understand most of the people these days, including me, prefer going to private gatherings rather than spending on parties that would cost them a fortune for barely a few hours, no? So what do you guys plan on doing on NYE?

Styling tips for your New Year Eve – outfit

I had earlier planned on creating a jazzy look book and I had gotten my clothes for the shoot and the set up ready, however had to cancel for I had a real crunch of time. I felt creating one at the eleventh hour would be completely irrelevant, so here are a few styling tips to help get your NYE outfit right instead.

Get your bling on and choose your most shiny top or dress. If it is a sequinned or shimmery top, pair it with your denim (Preferable black) or any velvet bottom. You can wear your strappy, or short sleeved dresses with a turtle neck or a shirt underneath and don’t forget to wear a lot of flashy accessories, even if it is one statement piece. I’d say the bolder the better! You can choose to wear heels, or, go funky with your favorite pair of sneakers. Yes, even if it is a dress. And oh, layer up with a sporty jacket, trench or a casual blazer if need be. Just enjoy the party instead of crumbling yourself to a corner and freezing yourself to the bones alright?! lol

Hope you liked this post and these last minute hacks help. I wish you all a very Happy and delightful New Year! And 2019, please be nice.


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