No one but me – Life as it comes and my personal style

A question to my blogger friends, just inquisitive really. Do you build your  stories around your pictures or do you  think of a topic first and then create your images and a post? Well I’d say I usually do both. Although, most of the times it’s pre-planned, but then again there are times the accidental pictures happen that compel you to write.

I actually took a poll again, this time because I had the entire outfit in my head, but I wasn’t really sure as to what would the post be about, thanks to you guys for helping me choose. Most of you suggested a  motivational and a trend post so here it is, a bit of both.

About my Personal Style

A couple of you asked for a post on personal style, so to begin with, my style is experimental. I get bored of repeating my looks and I do not have anything in particular that you can individualize me with. I might deeply be into boho this week and then suddenly you’d see me drifting towards glam. Currently I am into chic minimal which is why  I am often caught in basic tees, denims, solid tops that are mostly in grey, black and whites.

My favorite accessories at the moment are vintage belts, retro sunglasses and scarves. And oh, can we all take a moment and talk about my hair which recently endured the crucial procedure of going blonde? Like it, hate it, I love changes and I am currently a tad bit nutty about my new look! He he. As I always say, take a good leap of faith and just go for what you want without caring or having the fear of being judged.

Coming to motivation, people who read my blog  know that most of what I write, come from my day to day affairs, or instances that has been lingering on forever. I wouldn’t go into details but let’s just say that sometimes happiness comes when you have almost given up on it and when you least expect them. Like a ray of sunshine that brightens up your day, makes you smile and you even perhaps hum a tune or two while brushing your hair.

Nothing lasts forever and neither would the  jouissance, so make the most of it till it lasts. Fear not, or do not loose hope because you will see the sun rise again.

Also, you live just once and there should be no rooms for regrets of not doing something you want to. So go ahead and treat yourself with that punk rock hairstyle that you have been dreaming of, buy those incredible pair of shredded to bit denims you have been dying to try on since months, go on a spontaneous vacation even if it means bidding goodbye to your last 8 months savings. JUST BE HAPPY. OK?



Concept, Styling, Makeup, Modelling, Edit: Smita Roy Majumder

Photography: Debabrata Pal


Top: Myntra , Shorts: Promod

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