New Year’s Resolutions! 2017, I am counting on you!

new year 2017 resolution

‘Wow, its New Year already, how time flies!’ Well, I would usually say this pretty much every year but not this time. 2016 has been one helluva ride, everyday felt like I am under some kind of gravitational time dilation spell. Honestly, I cannot wait for this year to end!

Well, coming to think of it, not all of it was bad perhaps. I started Skulls And Tulles, I made some new friends, I…, I…..  I…ummm. :/

However, the experiences I went through has made it easier for me to think of some New Year resolutions which unlike the previous one’s, I aim to be devoted to this time. So here are a list of promises I want to make to myself and share them with you guys, because I do believe that 2017 can bring some good changes in everybody’s lives, so why not begin it on a positive note.

New Year’s Resolution

Be Patient, Be Positive

new year 2017 resolution1. Perseverance:

I have gone through a lot of ups and downs this year. A few crushed dreams, bad  judgement calls, facing an unwanted event repeatedly I have been waiting to end for over several months now, a delay on an event I have been waiting to happen forever, and many more to count. So yeah, this year didn’t exactly go as I would have wanted it to. But I have held on to the thought that nothing lasts forever, which has gotten me this far. If nothing else, 2016 has taught me to be patient and I am determined to stay the course.

new year 2017 resolution

2. Better financial planning:

I would say this is one of the things I am already somehow satisfactorily good at, but there is one thing that makes me weak on my knees. You guessed it right, SHOPPING! Retail therapy is the best, but I am sure it’s not just me, many of you have clothes that are lying in your wardrobe for ages now which you have either worn once or worse, haven’t even taken the label off. 

Here’s what we need to do. Buy things, but use them as often as we can. Style them differently if needed, but wear them. Which is why I have worn this dress which I bought a couple of months ago and have worn just once in one of my early posts, Metallurgy. I was this close to buying another outfit for the new year but I chose not to, and instead decided to wear this dress and style it differently.

new year 2017 resolution

4. Break bad habits and be healthier:

We all have a second nature we are enslaved to. It could be as nasty as heavy smoking and drinking or as small as nail biting. But regardless of how petty the nature, I reckon there is a reason why it is called a bad habit. While it might not be easy for a lot of people to get rid of their addictions completely, the best way to change your course of action is to find an alternative. Engage yourself or find a substitute in something that’d scale down the craving.

I have recently tried to indulge myself into healthy eating habits and exercise, while I feel it is going alright so far, I might still be able to explore more areas to a healthier lifestyle. To know more about my diet and everyday routine, click on one of my recent articles on (Click on the link below) 

Healthy ways of losing weight effortlessly in a month!

new year 2017 resolution

5. Time Management

Half of our life’s problems would cease to exist if we can sort THIS problem isn’t it? I am a sucker for getting things done and getting them done in an orderly manner, but if there is one thing that has been holding me back is this. When you delay things, it just doesn’t hamper your productivity for a day but it acts like a hazardous chain reaction and might take days to get everything back on track.

So this is what I am planning to do. To start with, I am going to force myself to sleep early and wake up early. Then, instead of phone reminders, create a giant calendar which I cannot help ignore but follow, with date, time and To-do lists. Pray this works!

new year 2017 resolution

5. Positivity:

Stop gossiping! YES! Today! I have realized that talking about negative things, whining about what could have happened but didn’t, brings and does nothing but create a negative aura around. While you are constantly discussing somebody else’s behavior and life, you unknowingly give birth to a rage inside you which feeds on your anger and emotions and disrupts mental peace. Also, imagine thinking and trying to figure out a way alternately to get things done, with the all time spent whimpering over something that cannot be changed. 

6. Start a hobby

Well I might have found mine. Blogging! Word’s fail to express the joy when I create something and hit that publish button. Blogging has changed me as a person, it has introduced me, well to a new me. Who knew I could write? And now that this along with other things has almost become a full time thing, I might have to start looking for something else for whimsies. (haha)

Perhaps its time that you too try and find something to do and channel all the days work and frustration in a good way.

New Year Resolution 2016

Here’s to a new year and a new beginning. Let us all start this new chapter by forgetting whatever nightmares we lived through this year, embrace what’s coming and welcome 2017 with new hopes and dreams.

Happy New Year you all. Let’s kick some ass! 😀


Smita & Team Skulls and Tulles

Outfit Details:

Dress : Koovs /  Shoes: Store in Sydney

Concept, Styling, Modelling, Edit: Smita Roy Majumder

Photography: Team S&T

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