My favorite Spring Summer 2019 Trends – 2

I just came back from a vacation, birthday celebrations in Goa, ahem! And the withdrawal symptoms are unbelievable. I am hung over all the time and not from alcohol or partying, but literally high on good times and memories really. I was supposed to feel like a brand new person with a more fierce attitude towards work and life, well at least that’s what I thought, but honestly, all I want to do since I came back is watch Netflix, eat and do absolutely nothing all day. Guess that’s my way of defying reality and telling my mind and body that the vacation is still not over yet. But well, only if. So I am pulling my socks up here because I really want to put this post up before summer ends lol.

So, in continuation of the first post THE BEST OF SPRING SUMMER 2019 STYLES – PART I here are a few more trends that I am excited about.

  1. Layers and Frills: If you love drama, then this is your chance to shine. Because nothing screams drama and romance than layered and frilly skirts and dresses.
  2. Earthy tones: Sand, beige, tan, cream, and khaki are your go to colors if you like to wear light during summers.
  3. Yellow: Sunny, bright and happy. If you don’t want to go full blown yellow, then try and match a yellow accessory with your outfit, like a hat, hair accessories, bag, or, shoes even.
  4. Polka Dots: Oh the good old classic black and white polka. I am honestly almost tired of repeating this every season, but then polkas also gives me retro vibes and you can come up with some really fun and feminine outfits if you style them right. Try cute sleeves crop tops or a dainty dress with sneakers or converse, definitely how I’d style them.
  5. Tuxedos/ Suiting: Been longing for one since time immemorial and I think it’s high time I get one. Also, try the shorts and suits instead of full length pants, you know, because its summers and you want to be comfortable?
  6. Belt Bags: I really thought this trend would die down, but well here it is, strong and going.
  7. Leather: It gives me some kind of weird satisfaction mentioning leather instead of florals for some reason really. Yes, I know it’s hot, and leather might not be the ideal thing to wear, so what I have decided to do is take my baggy leather shorts instead of skinny pants out for a spin.
  8. Animal Print: I have suddenly happened to acquire a huge liking for animal prints last winters and to be honest, as much as I like to keep myself updated about the current and imminent trends, I pretty much wear what I feel like. Glad that animal prints, especially leopard and snake are still going to be big this summer, because I personally bought a vulgar amount of animal print clothes a few months ago haha
  9. Lavender: Reminds me of sweet scents and flower gardens whenever I think of this color. Perfect to take your mind of all the unpleasantness the hot and sweaty weather brings along.
  10. Neo-Gothic: Just keep the entire look dark and mysterious and your outfits should be pre-dominantly black.

Spring Summer 2019 trends

Spring Summer 2019 trends

Spring Summer 2019 trends

Few other trends,

  1. Tiny hand/ shoulder Bags
  2. Bold Hair clips
  3. PVC Bags
  4. Colored Tartan
  5. Puff Shoulders

Hope you liked this post and now that I have laid it all out there for you, go and get that stylish summer wardrobe ready!



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