Creating minimal make up looks with your heavily embellished Diwali outfit

Diwali make up inspiration

Minimal makeup has been in trend for a while now and is here to stay. Not only is it time saving and quick, but most of the products found these days that are used to create a minimalistic look, have skin nourishing ingredients like natural oils etc, that also help achieve a clear, fresh and glowy look that look great even with your evening outfit.

It is important to create a balance between your clothes and makeup, especially, if you are wearing something weighty like your heavily embellished Diwali outfit, and of course, you wouldn’t want to take all the attention away from that gorgeous dress you just spent a fortune on, not to mention the handpicked jewellery and accessories to match with it.

I am someone who prefers being in comfortable western clothing, even if it’s an evening wear and Indian clothing is something I happen to wear occasionally, but when I do, instead of putting myself all out there, I like to keep it chic and minimal. So, I either would prefer wearing a simple saree, salwar or lehenga and go heavy with my make-up like golden smokey eyes, batting my eye lids with heavy false lashes and lips to kill, or, for occasions like Diwali and other Indian festivals, that  call for a considerable amount of bling and jazz on the outfit, I would like to go easy on my face.

Gone are the days when minimal meant wearing some kohl, mascara and clear lip balm. Minimal, can be smoky, kohl smudged eyes with nude lips, or, no liner, mascara laden eyes with bold, bright lips, the choice is yours. I personally prefer the latter ,for me, unless I have smeared my favourite fiery red hot lipstick on, I feel like my make-up is incomplete. Although, as we speak of Diwali, I would definitely choose the almost nude look, with a lot of shimmer and highlight, for I believe that while the nude makeup creates harmony within the overall look, the golden glow apart from giving a fresh dewy countenance, adds to the shiny bright outfit.

Diwali make up inspiration

Diwali make up inspiration

Diwali make up inspiration

The best way to creating a minimal make-up, or no make-up make-up look for a festive occasion like Diwali, would be to choose a foundation closest to your skin colour. Apply concealer only to cover the blemishes and cheeks with just a swipe of blush to look flushed. For the eyes, you can go for a shimmery brown and golden eye shadow and use lashes and mascara avoiding liner or kajal. Or, if you think your make up is looking too drab, just go for a thin streak of winged liner and kajal smudged and blended well on the ends of your lower eyelid. Use a nice highlighter or bronzing powder and finish the look with soft tinted lip balm or lip stick. And oh! Don’t forget that dainty, small bindi to complete your look.

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