We all know how we women do not need an excuse for shopping. Amongst others, we have two major solutions to all of our life’s problems, a couple of martinis with the girls, or, retail therapy. And despite those countless raids to the malls, clothing stores and lacerating all the online shopping websites we know of, we never have anything to wear!

Went through a similar dilemma while choosing an outfit for this post. The inspiration comes from a couple of denim dresses from the Moschino Fall/Winter Collection 2016-2017 Ready-To-Wear Fashion Show. I wanted to create a look which was casual, screamed street and looked a little rugged. So, I went through my closet and NOTHING!! After spending almost 45 minutes sitting on the floor gaping at my clothes, I decided to raid my brother’s wardrobe, for I remember him having something that I could possibly use. And there it was! His denim shirt!

Ordinary yet creative is what I had in mind, hence swept the corn rows and back-brushed hair idea under the rug. Did not want to make it look too obvious and cliched.


IMG_5436touploadThe shirt was baggy and long enough for me to pass it off as a dress. And as soon as I settled on the shirt, I quickly threw my knotted tan belt on and paired it with my tan biker cut-out platforms to complete the look.

I usually have a theme in mind whenever I put an outfit together. And given the semi biker feel where I drew the inspiration from, I connoted a wanderer, a free-willed, strong, independent woman who is not afraid to take risks and lives life on her own terms. Hence I named the post Maverick.







I absolutely loved Moschino’s F/W 2016 Collection, for I can so relate it to my personal style. Look forward to creating a few more looks with a similar composition.

And now before calling it a day, a few behind the scenes, unedited images for grins that are completely unrelated to the post. Enjoy at my expense!



Shirt: Roadster, Myntra / Belt and Socks: Local Shops, New Delhi / Footwear: Singapore

Photography / Hair and Make-Up done by: Madartists

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