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One of the most common questions I often get asked about is, ‘What is my personal style?’ and this is pretty much my response every time, versatile. And although I like to play around with my outfit, what remains constant is my strive to make my look as uncomplicated and composed as I can.

Even if I am wearing something really quirky and fun, as oxymoronic as it sounds, I make an effort to make my look effortless yet interesting and noteworthy. And most of the time it so happens that I end up wearing a statement piece that makes achieving what I am looking for easier.

The   website   is   a   one   stop   store   for   beautiful   Indian,   traditional   clothing,   accessories   and   shoes   for   every   occasion

Now, a statement piece doesn’t necessarily have to be a piece of jewelry, it could be anything. Clothing, bags, shoes? So when I came across Jivaana , I was certain that my search for good statement pieces has come to an end. The website is a one stop store for beautiful Indian, traditional clothing, accessories and shoes for every occasion, and is probably one of the only stores that provides a carefully curated collection of designer pieces at fairly affordable rates.

About the collection:

To create the look-book, I picked up some of my favorite pieces that I came across the website. The first one being a beautiful bold pair of Yellow Kundan and Pearl earrings, which I have paired with a bright pair of Mughal Peach Juttis that has a beautiful and bold embroidery work done on it. The shoes are not just pretty, but unlike other juttis that I have tried so far, are well cushioned and are extremely comfortable.

For my second look, I picked up this Maroon Kundan and Pearl necklace which has an interesting twist to it, for the kundan having two different designs on both the sides, the necklace can be worn either way, interesting isn’t it? I truly feel the long necklace gives a very royal and elegant feel to the entire outfit and would look great with a choker as well.


Traditional Indian Wear and jewelry

Jewelries   that   look   classy   and  yet  are   a   little   non-traditional

For my third look, I chose this elegant Multi-color Kundan and Stone set and for the fourth and final look, I decided to pick up jewelries that look classy and are yet a little non-traditional, for although the brand is best known for its unique selection of traditional ethnic collection, I did stumble upon a lot of products that I felt would look equally great with western outfits. Like these golden stud and drop earrings that has done complete justice to my metallic western gown in all it’s entirety.

There is something for everyone in Jivaana’s website, and although every item  I have seen is beautiful and distinctive in it’s own way, what fascinates me the most is their exclusive and playful collection of footwear. Right from something as quirky as an Ice-cream embroidered jutti to coin stitched flats, they have it all!

Find more of their collections of new necklace designs and gold ear stud earrings and treat yourself with some fine Indian jewelry.

Do leave your comments below and let me know which of these pieces happen to be your favorite and how would you like to style them?



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