Reasons Why I like buying Jewelry Online! SNT Ft. Myntra

Buying Jewelry onlinePeople, when young, pick up a lot of customs and characteristics from their parents. This could probably be the reason why I convincingly grew up being non-attentive towards jewelry, or any kind of knickknacks. As graceful as my mother looks and dresses up, I have never seen her wearing jewelry, except for her Balas (thick gold bangles), one on each hand and occasionally a long neck chain. 

I have also come to realize that one of the few reasons for me being an anti-jewelry person my whole life is the part of me which, although loves to shop, but would rather be home or indulge in other activities off my busy schedule, than run from one store to another and return home exhausted. Moreover, chances are that I might have picked up something I do not completely agree with, or worse, came home empty handed dreading the thought of having to go back again.

However, thanks to the e-commerce phenomenon, my accouterments have certainly developed from a small trinket box to the three shelved sideboard in my closet. 

Pros   cons   of   buying   jewelry online

Buying Jewelry online

Buying Jewelry online

A lot of people like to get a closer look and get a feel to pore over the quality of the product they are investing in, which might be an important factor to consider when you buy merchandise online, especially jewelry. Which is why, most of the companies have a guaranteed, hassle free return policy to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.

So now that we have covered the only probable unfavorable arrangement in my opinion, let’s talk about the numerous benefits of shopping Jewelry Online.

  • A real money saver: Shopping online could comparatively be more economical than buying in-store. A lot of brick and mortar stores include a percentage that covers their operational costs like lease, labor, etc, while billing you for your purchases. Apart from that, you can open multiple browsers when you are shopping online, to compare prices and get yourself the best possible deal, with the choice of looking at options within your budget.

Buying Jewelry online

  • Convenience with numerous options: I remember going to the jeweler’s shop in my younger days and waiting for a good period of time for the store personnel to free up and attend to us with the store catalog. But now, all we have to do is type in whatever we are looking for, for instance, something in Latest Fashion for Women, and the browser gives us a list of options that we can choose from and order in bulk at the convenience of home. A lot of online jewelry stores even provide the opportunity of customization these days.

Buying Jewelry online

  • Sales and discounts: If you have subscribed to a web-retailer, you are most likely to receive notifications before they begin their seasonal sales. This gives you ample time to select your favorite jewelry items at your own pace and later purchase them at great discounted rates.

Buying Jewelry online

Buying jewelry online gives you the opportunity of choosing good quality items from a wide range of collection, in the most affordable price. So if you still feel dubious, I would say go for it without hesitating any further.

Jewelry details: 

Look 1: Earrings: Funky Fish / Bracelet: Ginger by Lifestyle (Myntra)

Look 2: Earring – Pipa Bella (Myntra)

Look 3: Earring & Necklace – Anouk (Myntra)


Concept, Styling, Modelling, Edit: Smita Roy Majumder

Photography: Team S&T

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