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It’s probably true when people say that emotions sometimes bring out the best in writers. What’s in mind is on the paper, we pen down exactly what we feel no matter how hard we try. And while all I want to do is just write about floral and other prints, the changes in trends the season brings in, I cannot help but deviate my mind from the downpours that I have been going through, almost feels like time immemorial now really.

I guess there comes a phase in everybody’s life when sanity does not seem so sane any longer, the beam in your personality gradually starts to faint and all you can think about is why me? or in my case, I would just wonder how long?

Floral print

I would think over and over and ask whoever I feel might be listening to the voices in my head, that say, “I get it that life is not a bed of roses and I also understand that life every so often tests you, your faith and that everybody has issues. Well, I am more than willing to fight the hurdles that life hurls at me, but I am kind of exhausted with the one’s that I have been dealing with for a decade now. So, would asking to end the old and giving me new impediments to deal with too much to ask?”

“When I shot this outfit, all I had in mind was floral prints, one of Spring Summer’s most sought after trends.”

Floral print

When I shot this outfit, all I had in mind was floral prints, one of Spring Summer’s most sought after trends (yeah big surprise there). Hence, it would perhaps be true to say that what I am writing now and what I had in mind about this post earlier might have somewhat turned out distinct.

Amidst all these somber thoughts, howbeit, lies the vigor that shows you that there is so much more to do and achieve and that you are not alone in this journey. There are people who embrace your joys, sorrows and augment their strengths with yours. This gives you so much power to fight back, makes you feel that you can rise back from the ashes again. And as I speak, there is a sudden mood lift and I feel at ease again. It’s like a domino effect and that is how life has been for a while now. 🙂

How to style a floral print dress?

Floral print

Just as my writing, my outfits depend on my frame of mind too. I kind of feel happy when I see the way I managed to put this whole outfit together, it might as well be the loud tights. This floral print dress has been a part of my wardrobe for almost 2 years now and over the years I have worn this dress in various ways, hence this time I tried wearing it with a white silk shirt underneath, with a pair of purple tights and red heels to thrust a little life to this otherwise plain jane dress, along with a summer up-do (hairstyle). Hair tied up in any style with summery outfits not only is a great way to try and stay level-headed in the heat, but it also looks really nimble, especially with dresses.

Floral print

You can also style a dress like this with flats or converse, layer it up with a casual shirt, cotton and kimono shrugs, or wear it with a regular pair of loose trousers. (Well, you would be surprised how a small change in your routine style can bring a massive difference in your look.)


Floral print

Agreeably, it was rather a long one and I am otherwise a very closed person, but I am glad that I was able to somehow share a small part of my personal life  and emotional journey with you guys.

Hope you liked this post, have a great weekend!



Outfit Details:

Dress: Myntra. (Similar available below)

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Concept, Styling, Modelling, Edit: Smita Roy Majumder

Photography: Team S&T


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