Hair care with Himalaya’s Anti Hair fall Range SNT Ft. Himalaya

Hair fall, a problem that each one of us, be it men or women, face today and hopelessly hope for a miracle that would help fix the issue. 

Preventing  hair  fall

I personally have been a victim for a very long time now and I am certain that I am not the only one who moved for better job opportunities and willingly, unwillingly sacrificed healthy hair to the coarse, harsh water and the pollution of the big cities. My hairstylist suggests a filter in the main water tank which apparently costs an arm and a leg, or, washing my hair with mineral water 3-4 times a week to prevent hair fall. But, honestly, how many of us here can actually afford these remedies? I certainly cannot.

About   Himalaya’s   Anti   Hair   Fall   range

Himalaya, a trusted beauty and personal care brand known to every Indian household, has come up with their anti-hair fall range of products which me and a few of my blogger friends were invited to try out at the Ombre Salon, Bangalore.

We followed a four step process which began with a 15 minutes oil massage with their Anti-Hair fall Hair oil and a steam. The hair oil consists of the two renowned ingredients that people have been using for centuries for breakage, Bhringaraja and Amalaki.

The second step was to rinse the hair after leaving the oil in for a minimum of 30 minutes, with their Anti hair fall shampoo which has Bhringraja and Butea Frondosa, commonly known as the Palash flower, that helps strengthen the hair from the root and helps promote hair growth.

The third step was the application of the Anti-Hairfall conditioner leaving it for 2-3 minutes. The conditioner again consists of Bhringraja, Butea Frondosa (Palash flower) and Chickpea which is known for renewing hair cells due to its high amount of folate, protein and zinc which altogether helps preventing dandruff and hair loss.

The fourth and final step is the application of their herb-based Anti Hairfall Cream after the hair wash while it’s damp. (Remember to take a very small amount for it might make the hair greasy.)

Usage   and   my   personal   take   on   the   Himalaya   Anti   Hair   Fall   Range

Usage: I have been using the products for almost a month now and am religiously following all the four steps. Personally, I love the hair oil for it’s non-greasiness and pleasant smell, making sure that after applying, I keep it for a minimum of 3-4 hours and wrap a hot towel around for 15-20 minutes as a steam treatment for better penetration.

Review: I have always loved Himalaya for the kind of quality products they provide at affordable rates and would definitely suggest anyone who is struggling with hair fall issues to give their hair fall range a try. Where you can always try the products individually, it’s best that you follow the four easy steps of oiling, shampoo, condition and protection, for apart from addressing the hair fall issue, I love how my hair feels after.

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