Future of fashion design and trends: Speculative or Substantial?

When we imagine fashion a few years from now, we see a lot of 3d structured garments, metallic fabrics with geometric and cubical patterns. All of which could be an impact of the science fiction movies we watch. But will, or, should, the Future of Design really be all about technicalities and experimental fashion? Well, let’s find out.

I have been reading articles about designers collaborating with engineers and technologists, trying to bring their imaginations and dreams to life. The Met Gala 2016, with the theme Manus x Machina, saw a lot of high-tech couture clothing, including dresses that glow in the dark. Now, as thrilling as it looks and sounds, how do these high-tech designs and garments benefit the commoner?

Will   the   Future   of   Design   really   be   all   about   technicalities   and   experimental   fashion?

Global warming is increasing at an alarming rate and so is pollution, affecting the human race in several ways healthwise. This means that people need clothing that would put their bodies at ease and fabrics which can manipulate themselves according to the climatic conditions.

We often come across the term sustainable fashion, which basically means garments created keeping environmental and socio economic aspects in mind. From what I know, due to the imminent environmental hazard, fashion technologists have been putting efforts on creating eco-friendly fibers in their laboratories, but because of the shortage of natural resources, these experiments have become more or less of something that only the Seventh Avenue can perhaps afford.

Future   Fashion   Trends:

We can all agree to the fact that trends are unpredictable. When things are moving towards less is more, we suddenly see them taking a turn towards drama. Also, the fashion cycle reoccurs, for we all have repeated trends from our school and university days, be it the tattoo choker or, mom jeans. Although, in my opinion, normcore is one trend that should be on the fashion scene for perhaps evermore, for the simple fact that it is practical and is something everyone can adapt to.

To conclude, while I am not saying that designers need to stop innovating, but no matter what the trend, it is time to change their outlook. Instead of spending a huge amount of money every year on runways and creating garments which most of the time do not even end up in stores for their lack of efficiency, they should shift their focus on ready-to-wear more and create clothing without compromising on the aesthetics. Clothes and designs that are not just affordable and within the reach of the general population, but are functional as well. 

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Concept, Styling, Modelling, Edit: Smita Roy Majumder

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