Freedom! The strife of living the liberal life

Remember the subjects civics and political science? They taught us about our civic duties. Our rights as citizens and all the different categories of freedom we posses. 

Although these subjects (unlike stupid algebra and geometry), seemed interesting and relevant enough back then to be useful in the longer run, how much of what we read do you reckon was actually true? To me my academic life other than the fact that I can now use those certificates to get a new job, seems pretty insignificant really.

Streetwear Freedom of expression

Think about it. Freedom of equality, we live in a world where the everyday news mostly comprises of communal riots and people have to take part in marches to fight for the right to equality (read about the recent Women’s March here). Then we have the Right to reside and settle anywhere, need I even mention America on this subject at this point of time? in-fact in India, people feel intimidated when they travel from one state to another, I am not saying everyone and every place is the same but cultural and racial discrimination has become deep rooted pretty much everywhere.

Streetwear Freedom of expression

Right to speech and expression, this happens to be my favorite. Lol. How many times has it happened that you spoke your mind, at work, in college, at home or even with your peers and got away without getting devoured? A simple example, try giving your opinion on a facebook post, where what you say might slightly differ from the majority’s and then all you have to do is just sit back and watch the fun, its hilarious.

Streetwear Freedom of expression

“One of the many ways to acknowledge your freedom of expression other than words is by what you wear.”

Streetwear Freedom of expression

Freedom of expression, one of the many ways to acknowledge your right of expressing yourself other than words is by what you wear, your personal style. Your clothes define your personality and illustrate your thought process. Now, I am all in favor of the Free the nipple campaign or even any other nude forms of art and experiments as far as expressing oneself goes, but let’s just say I am not the dare to bare type which is why I chose to wear this outfit for the post.

Streetwear Freedom of expression

I would describe myself as someone who believes in speaking her mind and having a clean heart and conscience. I respect everybody’s opinion and I like to let go of a conversation without turning it into an argument by shoving my personal views down their throats. I like living in my ‘No bull-shit’ zone and in the end, I just like to wear what I want to wear and do what I want to do without being nagged. 

Streetwear Freedom of expression

I have been a tomboy pretty much all through my school days, I love listening to metal and I could be a babble mouth at times. I am not saying what I am wearing depicts any of those and I am also aware of the fact that there is nothing ingenious or fancy about this outfit, but I feel it somehow represents me. It is casual, street, carefree. It looks hassle free yet up to the minute and can definitely pass as my everyday go to ensemble. (Although, I would perhaps lose the tights and the beanie post March.)

Streetwear Freedom of expression

Streetwear Freedom of expression

Last but not the least, remember that your right to expression and your style statement is personal. So without worrying about being judged, you be what you are and wear what you think defines you.

Happy Valentines Day ! Much love to you all! 

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Outfit Details:

Checked Shirt: Straight out from the boyfriends closet / Top: Ginger / Shorts: Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi / Combat Boots: Target (Sydney)

Concept, Styling, Modelling, Edit: Smita Roy Majumder

Photography: Team S&T

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