Five Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair to Try Out this Diwali

Easy hairstyles for girls with short hair

Wow, have I been lazying with my posts or what?  Well actually isn’t that much of lazying, mostly it’s just trying to deal with numerous things at a time. A job so daunting and haunting that I finally decided to let go, a pet project which I have been working on for a while now and will soon reveal, and well again, there are my photo-shoots and blogs besides the usual spending time with family and friends.

Either way, I had almost 4-5 posts in mind for Diwali and amidst all the chaos I finally managed to post two. One that I posted a few days ago on CREATING MINIMAL MAKE UP LOOKS WITH YOUR HEAVILY EMBELLISHED DIWALI OUTFIT   and now this.

Ever since I cut my hair short I have been looking for ways and means of creating hairstyles to make my looks more interesting, not to mention easy, because I am super duper lazy when it comes to hair.

Now, when it comes to your daily outfits you can just get away with the usual, a pony or straightening at the best, but, when it comes to festive and party looks, you do feel like trying something a little different. No?

Five   Easy   Hairstyles   for   Short   Hair   to   Try   Out   this   Diwali

Here are some easy hairstyles for short hair to try out this festive season, or, any other time you feel like playing dress up. Because ladies, leaving our hair out just because we decided to chop them off, cannot be our only go to option.

  1. The easy twisties. Just take a section of hair from both the sides and twirl and pin them. You can also use interesting pins and small flowers to accessorize.

Hairstyles for girls with short hair


     2. The messy updo!

Hairstyles for girls with short hair


3. Flowers! Nothing speaks festive more than flowers. Just tie your hair into a bun with a rubber band, take care of the careless locks and pin some pretty flowers, or, tie a gajra  around the bun.

Easy hairstyles for girls with short hair


4. Headbands and hair accessories! Trust me they can save the day. Just tie a top knot without using a comb and put a head-band around. There are different types of head bands and accessories that you will find in the market these days like beaded ones. Then there are the ones embedded with  pearl and rhine stones that would look fabulous with Indian wear. What I am wearing.

Easy hairstyles for girls with short hair


5. The messy boho-braid. My favorite one and is as easy as pie. Just pull the front part of your hair, back brush  and pin it up. Then create two to three messy braids on one side and voila! You are done! 

Easy hairstyles for girls with short hair


That’s all for now girls. Do try them out and have fun these hairstyles! Wish you all A Very Happy Diwali!



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