Feeling foxy in my Faux Fur jacket!

Would it be too funny to say that even though I am a fashion blogger, where mostly all I am supposed to do is talk about the current and upcoming trends, or, entertain my readers with my outfits and personal style, I cannot help but write my blogs  unless there is a whirlwind of emotions inside? It could be happiness, grief, anger, anything. Excitement or feeling remorseful inside triggers the writer in me. (Yes, yes, go ahead, get it all out of your system!)

Now, I wouldn’t say it is always that I need to be in a mood upheaval to work, but in all my honesty, most of my not so good posts are the ones done under stress. I am a creative person and by now after working for almost 7-8 years I have realized that creativity cannot be tamed. The best ideas, be it an illustration, or a garment design, are the ones where the imagination is left free to run wild.

About the look:

Perhaps not completely unrelated to what I have been talking about so far, for if you are a regular visitor of my blog, you might have noticed that I do not try and control my imagination when it comes to my outfit either. The center point of today’s post is this luxe looking faux fur vest that I purchased from Lulu & Sky about almost a year ago. I got the jacket at a bargain of a price (INR 650/- only) during a summer clearance sale that was going on on the website and I have to admit that this is one of my best purchases ever!

Different   ways   of   wearing   a   Faux   Fur   jacket

Also, have I mentioned it before that I somehow have a knack of stacking my wardrobe with classic pieces? Clothes that can be worn differently in different occasions are a staple in my wardrobe. This faux fur jacket is versatile enough for you to dress it down by wearing it with any bottom of your choice, be it a pair of jeans, loose trousers or skirts paired with a full sleeve top, shirt or, a turtle neck inside. If you are in a dressy mood, go ahead and wear it with the most beautiful dress in your wardrobe, a statement piece of jewelry, a belt (optional) and a gorgeous pair of heels!

Unfortunately it has been a while since I bought the jacket which is why it’s no longer available on the website, but I have linked a couple of faux fur jackets that I found online. Hope you’d like something.

  1. Color Block Faux Fur Coat 
  2. Faux Fur Bolero Jacket
  3. Faux Fur Vest
  4. Faux Fur Coat Solid

Hope you liked my last piece on winter fashion, I will be back again soon with another post which is already under process and I am excited about it!



Concept, Styling, Makeup, Modelling, Edit: Smita Roy Majumder

PhotographyJustin Jaideep

Outfit Details:

Faux Fur Jacket: Lulu And Sky, Pants: A gift from my metal head boyfriend from a non branded store in Sweden  , Shoes:Amazon Fashion., Gloves and Belt: Sarojini Market (New Delhi)

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