Fashion trends 2018 that are doable and never go out of style!

Fashion trends, aren’t they just the hardest to keep up with? I mean, by the time a season is over and you learn about the upcoming ones and try to catch up, they are gone!

You might love a few, for these are the styles that are just right up your alley. And for the trends that either just do not appeal to you as much or, you might not want to take them up just because they seem to be the hot cakes of the season and your purchases are going to be totally useless in the next few months, I have a solution for you.

Summer Fashion Trends 2018, styles that are for everyone

I am someone who usually would not invest in something unless I believe the ‘in’ thing now is there to stay or would at least make a come back. 

I personally consider a lot of factors when I am buying something for myself and hence I have come up with a list of summer fashion trends (other than floral print) that anybody can take up. Trends I believe have pretty much  stayed in the fashion scene and would continue for a while now. Or, would make a make a comeback like they always have.

  1. Power suits: Who can deny the power of power suits? Wear them with high waisted, wide legged trousers or slim fit pants and you’d look equally dynamic! My all time favorite would be wearing a bold solid or checked suit over a slogan t-shirt!
  2. Ruffled Hems: Flirty and feminine, these are the two words when you think of ruffles, no? Try wearing a blouse with ruffled sleeved hem with a pair of trousers, or a dress with boots and flaunt this style in more ways than dainty getups.
  3. Sheer and Satin: My all time favorites. If my love for sheer was not enough, now I have another fabric to obsess over. Satin!
  4. Trench Coats: One of the timeless classic pieces. If you are worried about melting by wearing coats as an outer, than take up my advice on this. Either invest on a light cotton trench, or, just throw the one you have over your shoulders for that easy, casual and stylish street wear look!
  5. Sequins and glitter: Gone are the days when sequins and shines were a thing of the night life dressing. Go wild, flaunt your shimmers by taking your sequinned outfits during the day time and let the world go blind with your sparkles! Want to give it a casual touch? wear them with slides or kicks and carry a mini purse or a belt bag around! Tadaaaaaa
  6. Fringe: I am personally not a fan of fringe but for those who are, I always think they look the best if you add a little boho touch to your outfit, chunky accessories, messy braids, flat sandals, vintage glasses? But then who am I to restrict fashion, do as you please. Mix fringe with disco, go nuts! aint nobody gonna stop you!
  7. Sports inspired Womens wear: This, has to be my go to outfit. I am so obsessed with athleisure and sports luxe, to a point that I have even worn trekkies with heels to parties. Try them out cropped tops, sporty mesh dresses, numbered outfits with bold lips, long liners and dramatic eyes! It’s too much much fun!
  8. Candy colors: Pink, yellow, green, blue. Think of all the colours that make you happy and you have yourself a swanky outfit!
  9. Checks: Mostly used in trousers, shirts and pant suits, you can now find checks in cute casual skirts these days. Take your pick and style as you like. My advice would to mix and match and always add a touch of casual to your otherwise neat bottoms or top and vice versa.

My   pick   from   the   Summer   Fashion   Trends   2018  

       10.Polka Dots and Midi Skirts: I have saved the best for the last. Well, they are far apart from each other from every possible way but I put polka and midis together for I have incorporated them in my shoot.



Midi skirts have often been associated with formal wear, which is why I gave mine a fun twist by pairing it with this casual and cute polka dot top.

I am not really the type who wears cute clothing otherwise if you have noticed, but I have my days when I try experimenting with things I do not otherwise do. If you like me think of minnie mouse while thinking of polka and want to toughen up the look, pair your tops with ripped denim or faux leather pants. If you want to pair them with shorts, or are wearing a dress, pair them up with gladiators or ankle length biker boots.

Hope you found this post helpful. And as always, I love receiving your style related queries. So feel free to drop me an email at, or just leave your comments below and I would be happy to help!



Concept, Styling, Makeup, Modelling, EditSmita Roy Majumder

PhotographyTeam SnT

Top:Myntra / Shoes: Jabong Wedges / Skirt: Forever 21

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