Fade to Black and White – Winter Outfit – Look Book

Winters are almost over and here I am, finally with the look book I had drafted almost two months ago and wasn’t able to put it up because of the photographer I did the first shoot with. The man turned out to be an absolute laid back dimwit. And after chasing him for several weeks for the pictures, I had to finally give up and redo the entire shoot. Let’s face it, obstacles and people like these are everywhere, but then nothing and no one can come between you and what you want to do, period!

When I shot this look-book, all I thought of was black and white, basics, classic and a retro, or, vintage feel for the whole shoot. Having one hero piece, and creating the whole look around it with basics like a white shirt, a pair of black trousers, etc. Minimal is what I had in mind, styles that anyone can create with what they already have in their wardrobes.

Look 1 – Animal Print  

I bought this zebra print hoodie from Sarojini nagar in 2009 and I actually thought it looked hideous and had dumped it aside, you know, that one guilty corner that every girl has, packed with clothes which are never worn? Yup there. So the poor guy has been lying there for over 7-8 years, unused, until the other day I found it while looking for something animal print for this shoot and thought, ‘Hmmm, it’s actually not that bad.’

As I said earlier, styling these hero classic pieces with basics was my motive for this look-book, I paired this hoodie with a crisp white shirt and black skinny pants. And well, red heels because for some reason when I think of a black and white outfit, I cannot help but add a dash of red into it.

Look 2: Checks

Confident and comfortable is what I feel in this all baggy everything look! If you like wearing loose clothing even during winters, then try a boxy top and pair it with an over-sized blazer, loose trousers and chaplin shoes. Winter layering cannot get cozier than this!

Look 3: Beret Hats/ Caps

This whole look to be honest is dedicated to the little beret for ever since I bought the cap, I wanted to create a look with it. When I think of beret, I somehow think of Paris, french artists and hence, with this outfit I went all out looking French keeping it simple with a black and white check skirt .

You can wear full tights and boots instead if you feel keeping yourself warm is more important than going more adventurous with knee length socks and heels.

So here they are, three simple and stylish outfits that you can create easily with the staples from your wardrobe this winter. And if you don’t already have them, I suggest you buy them right away because like I said, these outfits are all about creating looks with timeless fashion pieces and basics, which means you would be able to use them through out the year, well, until they last!

Let me know which one is your favorite and if any of these looks inspired you to create something of your own!



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