Reasoning Chapter One


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Of all these months of blogging, I realized that the part that I enjoy the most is writing. I have not been to a lot of places of late, but my mind a constantly wanders like this restless soul, that wishes she could do a lot by just being in her living room, which obviously, is beyond the bounds of possibility. Reckon these are the manifestations of what we know of having a vibrant mind and a stagnant frame. Lol

I even force myself to do things I otherwise actually like doing these days. But tell you what, I feel calm once I open my laptop and start typing. I feel like all my bottled up emotions just smoothly flow through like a cascade, from my mind to my heart and then from my arms to my fingers, where everything latent and obscure shapes up into something concrete on my screen. I feel light.

About   the   look:   The   post   is   about   character,   colors,   spirit   and   liberation.

I find joy in interpreting my thoughts and views through my images, writing and then sharing them with you all. Which is one of the reasons I started my blog in the first place, freedom of expression.

I wanted to create two different posts with two entirely different looks, that are somehow related. One that is filled with colors, implicates a strong and instant feeling of cheerfulness, and another that is dull, yet gives a feeling of tranquility. And although I have not thought of what the other look is going to be about yet, I cannot help but fall in love with the alluring, undertones of autumn.

People tend to associate moods to colors. There are days when you are overwhelmed with rage, or happiness, and then there are days when you feel lonely and lost, red, blue and gray as they call it in the language of hues. But come what may, do not confine your emotions within. Free your body and mind by channeling your energy into something substantial like I do with my writing.

With that being said, I shall continue to the next chapter on my next post soon. Hope you liked this write up and thank you for stopping by.



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