How I choose and develop my personal style!

A few weeks ago I did an Instagram survey asking preferences about what would you guys like to see on my next post. Choices being my personal style, street wear, or something fancy and flamboyant. And boy was I surprised. Almost 90% people voted for personal style and street wear. To be honest it was kind of a relief for I was almost getting weary of dressing up with well, lets just say off beat hair and make up. haha

I love experimenting with my hair, make up and styling and I strive on creating images hoping that they would narrate my story, for I have somehow always believed that I am a better artist than a writer. But I am glad that you guys are keen on knowing more about me. So here I am, presenting to you, a 100% transparent version of who I am and what my personal preferences are, hope you would find and like something to refine yours.

How   I   developed   my   personal   style

It is true when people say that clothes speak a lot about your personality, so let’s start with my outfit here. All you need is a glance and I bet you can tell that I am someone who loves wearing comfortable clothing. Never would I compromise on style over comfort. No sir!

Coming to footwear, I have a shoe fetish. I am fine with having a small sized wardrobe, for being born in a middle class family, the art of playing around with a limited wardrobe is something that I have mastered in. But yes, I go weak at the knees when it comes to shoes and I absolutely despise heels! Especially stilettos and pumps. I am barely 5.2″ and honest to goodness, had I been 2 inches taller, heels would have been a rare sight in my shoe closet, which is why I lean more towards platforms and block heels as much as  I can.

More   random   facts   about   my   personal   style

My Indian outfits have to have some kind of a western or bohemian element to them. I wear a lot of cropped tops and I cinch my waist whenever possible, for it is a trick that I learnt for creating an illusion of longer looking legs.

Additionally, I follow trends, but I would never choose to buy something I know is going to be in everybody’s closet and I might have been born with an 8th sense that can assimilate fashion trends that are going to get viral. For instance, snap button pants. I would love to own a pair, but I would probably not like it as much when I see somebody else wearing one.

I do not have an obsession for accessories, or make up, especially  bags and belts. As long as I have one of each of the basic styles and colors that I can wear with almost anything, I am good. Although, there are times these days that I do not mind loading myself with chunky fashion accessories, especially anything in gold. Statement earrings are my favorite and I am always looking out for bold earrings, the bigger the better!

To add some more interesting facts about this post, the whole series was shot on my Lenovo K8 Plus for I was too far away from home, until I realized that I had forgotten my camera’s battery and going back and scheduling another day wearing the same clothes and make up was out of the question. But I have to admit, I was not all  disappointed with the way the images turned out. What do you think?

Ok, opening up about myself  was almost fun. Hope you enjoyed reading it and if I by anyway inspire you, do let me know on the comment section, I would love to know you and help you with any style related queries you might have.

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Thank you for stopping  by and I will be back soon with another post.



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Outfit Details:

Top: Promod / Shoes: SSS / Skirt: Show Off Store, Bangalore (Almost 8 years old)

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