The most effective and economical skincare routine


Hey guys,

Now that winter is here, I wanted to share this very helpful and effective skincare routine with you guys that I have been following for so many years now.

I grew up in the hilly areas of the north eastern states of India, a beautiful little town called Shillong. Being in a hill-station, we gear up in winter clothing pretty much through out the year. It’s either a chilly day or the heaven’s gates are open and it is pouring throughout for us. So you can imagine how dry could your skin get living in a climate like that and how important it is to take care. To top it all, I have the driest, sensitive skin that anyone could think of. Luckily, my mom has gotten me used to this DIY home made skin serum, which has been working like a charm all these years. I would spend 100’s of rupees in skin-care products, buying body lotions, butters, etc, but eventually I would get back to what mama taught me.

I am talking about Glycerine here. This colorless, odorless liquid is easily available in any departmental or medical store. Yes yes, it is sticky, feels like glue on skin, I have heard that before. But believe me, once you get over the syrupy texture, you will fall in love with it, in-fact you might not use another. So this is the concoction my mom used to prepare and I do still.


  • Glycerine
  • Rose Water
  • Olive oil
  • Lemon

So all you need to do is pour the glycerine in a separate bottle, then add rose water and olive oil in equal quantities (You can reduce the quantity of glycerine if you wish until you get used to it). Now, remember how granny used to rub lemon on your scalp to get rid of dandruff? Yep, it is pretty much the same theory that is used here. The dry skin on your scalp which eventually turns flaky is dandruff, the citric acid in lemon helps maintain the Ph balance of the skin and the astringent effect balances the sebum preventing excessive dryness or grease. (And no I have never faced any dandruff calamities in-case you are wondering :p). Anyway, so once you have filled the bottle with all the three ingredients, squeeze half a lemon into the bottle and you are good to go.

I suggest using a small squeezy bottle which you can refill every week, for the lemon might not sustain for more than 7-8 days. Use the serum everyday once after shower and before going to bed (optional) and keep your skin moisturized, hydrated and smooth this winter, in less than half the cost of those expensive body-lotions.

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I’ll be back soon with yet another write up, until then, Team SnT wishes everyone a Very Happy Diwali and fun-filled long weekend! 😀





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