Benignity – Ayurveda and Aromatherapy with Vedaearth SNT Ft. Vedaearth Ayurvedic Products and Lounge

I have had the most frantic few months. Now, I am otherwise a very organised person, but truth be told I do have time management issues and it so happens that at times when there is so much to do, I am so worked up, mostly with planning on how to prioritize things, I am exhausted already. But then again, now that the planning is done, there is no time to rest but put physical efforts to get the task done. So, you see, where you cannot solve all your life’s problems, you can certainly put yourself at ease. And a visit to the Vedaearth Ayurvedic & Aromatherapy Lounge is exactly what my body, mind and soul needed.

Vedaearth   has   been   a   pioneer   brand   in   natural   aromatherapy   beauty   products   for   the   past   few   years.

Certified by Peta, their products include a wide range of aromatic skin, hair and essential oils that are 100% vegan and cruelty free. So far I have used their rose water and was awestruck! I use my rose water with face packs, but the moment I applied the pack mixed with this one, I was surprised that my face felt cold, for I had forgotten to keep the bottle in the refrigerator like I usually do.

Also, unlike a lot of other rose waters available in the market, Vedaearth’s rose water is a little cloudy due to the steam distillation of real rose petals. This product honestly  makes me wonder about all that I having been using in the name of rose waters all these years, lol.

My   experience   with   Vedaearth  Aromatherapy   Lounge 

Ayurveda and Aromatherapy


The decor of their newly launched spa in Jayanagar,  instantly relaxes you and the aroma gives you vacation vibes,  where you can think of nothing else but unwind. The salon provides a huge range of services starting from facials, waxing, pedicures, manicures as well as aromatherapy facials and body massages, and I couldn’t think of anything else but taking up their 60 minutes Stress Free Soothe Massage, which is meant to remove toxins, accumulated stress and helps reinvigorating the body and mind by regaining stamina.

Ayurveda and Aromatherapy

The massage began with a refreshing five minutes sauna and the oils used for the massage are neroli, ylang ylang and rosewood which smelled heavenly. I have to say I was in good hands for Aarti, my massage therapist has magic fingers that can take all your stress and anxiety away. The massage was followed by a hot shower, post which they served me a hot cup of herbal tea for an internal cleansing of the body.

Ayurveda and Aromatherapy

Ayurveda and Aromatherapy

Additionally, the staff is knowledgeable, friendly and are ready answer any doubts or queries that you might have about their services and merchandise. 

From what I have experienced, I am convinced that Vedaearth is what they claim to be, for even the smallest of their products, like their in-house oil that is specifically made for massaging once you get your eye brows done, is 100% chemical free. So, if you are looking for beauty services and products that are skin friendly and are value for money, than look no further. The good news is that you can now try their salon services for free by entering this simple contest below,

Follow me @skullsandtulles and @Vedaearth on Instagram and tag your friends on the post or DM me once done. The winner would win an exclusive ‘Express manicure, Express pedicure & an Aromatic massage’ at the Vedaearth Lounge. Hurry up for the offer ends on the 31st of December!

P.S: Contest open for Bangalore residents and women only.

Hope you liked the post and I look forward to reading and answering your comments and queries.



PhotographyTeam S’n’T

Location: Vedaearth Lounge – Spa & Salon

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