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How easy would life be if finding genuine health and beauty products or, products that we use every day was just a click away. Well Click On Care, an online health and wellness store does just that. Starting with generic lifestyle products, this Bangalore based company was founded in 2013. The brand eventually moved its niche to cosmeceuticals, dermacare and nutrition and the best part about the store is that most of the products available here are ayurvedic, herbal, organic and natural. I would say an ideal one stop shop for people like me, who prefer using chemical free products.

As a fashion and beauty blogger, my schedule is mostly tight. With deadlines to cover and attending back to back events where most of my days are spent outdoors, I end up being on an unhealthy, on the go snack diet. Plus, the constant photo-shoots do not show much mercy to the skin either, for I have to have make-up on almost  6 days a week for a good 7-8 hours. Hence, to compensate for the lack of essential nutrients in the body and to regain the glow back on my skin, I have been using their Glutone-1000 capsules and Escor-Z effervescent tablets since the last few weeks and have seen a marked difference on my skin.

About Glutone 1000 capsules:

These capsules work like magic on dull and hyper pigmented skin for it include glutathione as it’s main ingredient, an anti-oxidant present in one’s own body essential for a healthy immunity.  

Glutathione prevents the accumulation of toxins, fights skin pigmentation and blemishes, eventually resulting in skin lightening and reversing the aging process. Not just that, it helps with other health disorders and illness as well like alcoholism, alzheimer’s, asthmadiabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, etc.

Additionally, Glutone 1000  also has Vitamin – C in it, which helps boost the absorption of glutathione. Needless say, we all know the kind of wonder it does to the skin just as a sole ingredient, for it is present in most of the body/face serums and oils available in the market today.

About Escor –Z

These tablets are a great addition as a daily health supplement drink too. They are loaded with the goodness of zinc, and the presence of Indian Gooseberries, provide a healthy dose of Vitamin C to the body which in return helps fight free radicals, boosts collagen and reduces melanin and pigmentation.

They essentially come in two flavors. I am currently using the Lime and Lemon which has zinc in it, but I would love to try the orange flavor, Ener C-1000, once I reorder.

I have been having these tablets every day in the morning before breakfast for the last few weeks, by adding one tablet of each in a glass of water. Ideally one needs to use both for a minimum of 4 months, but with a well balanced diet, you can see results in as less as 25-30 days as well like I have.

Both the tablets are available as a combo that you can purchase by clicking here

I am truly impressed with the customer service, on time delivery and the kind of quality Click On Care offers.  With over 900 trusted, top beauty and health care brands on the website, my next list includes a lot of beauty, skin and hair care products that I cannot wait to try and review for you guys again. I am definitely going to be one of their regular customers and I highly recommend you to give yourself the pleasure of shopping from their site too.



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