BBLunt Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Color Review

I have been waiting to color my hair for the longest of times now. Well, not laziness, just that I am trying to grow my hair and wanted to do it only after I get a trim done, which took me almost four-five months.

I usually prefer coloring my hair at home, since I do a global coverage and have been mostly using L’Oreal, but this time I decided to try  the BBLunt Salon Secret Hair Color .

BBlunt hair color review

About   BBLUNT   Salon     Secret     High     Shine     Creme     Hair     Color

BBlunt the renowned Salon and brand co-founded by hair stylist Adhuna Bhabani, a few months ago launched an affordable hair color range in 7 different colors, primarily designed for all types of Indian skin tones. The brand also has a series of products like shampoos, conditioners and other hair styling products. 

Packaging: Along with an instruction leaflet and a pair of disposable gloves that fits perfectly, the packaging contains 3 tubes which consists of a colorant, developer and a shine tonic which is a first amongst other hair color brands in India. 

Ingredients: Although not chemical free, the hair color does not have ammonia, which otherwise is known to damage the hair cuticle resulting in dry, brittle hair. 

Claim:  Along with 100% grey coverage, the brand claims that the shine tonic would leave your hair nourished, with a silky smooth shine, and that the color would stay for as long as 8 weeks. 

Price: The product is originally priced at ₹225, but they have an introductory offer of ₹199. (I purchased it for ₹169 from Amazon as a Prime member.)

BBlunt hair color review

My   Experience   with   the   BBLunt   Salon   Secret   High   Shine   Creme   Hair   Color

I chose the color Deep Burgundy for I wanted to try a deeper shade this time, in a red tinge. 

BBlunt hair color review

Application: As per the instruction, I mixed an equal quantity of all the three tubes in a glass bowl (any non-metallic container would do) and left it on for 45 minutes, post which I washed the color off with clear water. Using a color protect shampoo and conditioner, I rinsed my hair properly the following day, giving the color some time to get absorbed in my hair.

BBlunt hair color review



  • Ammonia Free
  • 100% grey hair coverage
  • No hair fall or breakage
  • Budget friendly
  • Does not have any strong, punitive smell unlike a lot of other hair color brands.
  • The color is pretty evident, even when you are not out on the sun


  • The shine tonic’s magic is unfortunately short lived. It will sweep you off your feet once your hair dries after your first wash and stays for as long as the second wash.
  • Although the brand claims it to be ammonia free, my hair does feel dry.
  • The 8 weeks claim is untrue for it has been two weeks and the color has started wearing off even though I use a color protect shampoo and conditioner. You’ll need regular touch ups every 3-4 weeks.

Will I recommend BBlunt Hair color?

BBlunt hair color review
                                                                                             ONE HOUR POST HAIR WASH

I am definitely a happy customer as far as the color is concerned (As you can see in the picture above). Although, in my personal opinion, I would give second thoughts on buying the product again, for it did make my hair a tad dry and it took me a couple of hair oiling and spa sessions to get my hair almost back to normal.

I would still suggest you give it a try, for it has worked for a lot of people. And I am saying this because even though my hair does feel a tad rough, I have tried products (renowned brands) which has burnt my hair to bits and it took  decades to recover and no, this hair color is not even half that bad.

So, if you are willing to give the product a chance and figure you are not facing any issues, I am fairly certain you might stick to it.

Concept, Product Styling, Photography, Modelling, Edit: Smita Roy Majumder

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