Answers to few questions I receive as a Full Time Blogger Photo-shoots, Make up and outfit choices, How I deal with brands etc.

How and what I did to become a blogger

Another 6 months old pending post out here on the clearance. Lol.

I would like to emphasize on the word ‘Blogger’, because although I started out as a fashion blogger,  I soon realized that I’d like to write about a lot more. Things that mattered. And this I figured when I wrote a motivational story once and apart from understanding how much I enjoyed sharing events from my life and experiences, I also received a lot of love from you all. So yes, Skulls And Tulles is a Personal Blog where you would find everything significant to me. Fashion, beauty, art, motivational stories, stories that made me happy, sad, etc.

Question and Answers: Things I do as a full time blogger

I get a lot of queries on blogging, especially from budding bloggers and I wish I had answers to them all, but to be honest the only way to learn about anything in this field is by getting your hands dirty because everybody has a different way of working. There are no standard guidelines as such, but I will share a few things that I have learnt in trial and error and strategies that work for me.

How and what I did to become a blogger

  1. How I deal and negotiate with Brands: The key to this is simple, know what your work is worth! The amount of emails I receive everyday asking for barter collaborations is not worth mentioning. Having said that, I never delete an email without a counter pitch and I always close a chain with a ‘Thank You’, even if I decide not to go ahead with the campaign. Maintaining a good relationship with brands is imperative because you need to co-exist.

Having said that, I have given a peace of my mind to brands and PR’s who have come up with preposterous proposals or acted unprofessionally, I guess we all cross that threshold sometimes. But do that only if you are sure you would never want to work with them again.

Like many of us, I am not a fan of barter. However, I don’t not always shun a campaign down, because they are offering products in exchange of a shout out. I always try and determine the deliverable requested for, with what they have to offer first. It’s important to know that if the campaign is bringing any value to my folio. I have also let go of collaborations by many International brands, only because they made me feel under-valued, even though their name would have added merit to my work profile.

For me 5 posts +5 stories + Sourcing the outfits myself for vouchers worth INR 5- 7,000/- from a brand whose solid collared T-shirts sells for INR 3-4,000/- each is ridiculous!

Bottom line, a lot of brands and PR’s might not understand the effort you put in, but you cannot be the one undermining your own work. Although, settling for a little less than expected at times is perfectly alright, but make sure you know that the deal is benefiting you one way or the other.

2) Photography: I started with seeking help from my photographer friends. But very soon I realized that a camera of my own is what I need to get my blog going, because working around others’ schedule was just not helping. So after a month I bought my first camera, a Nikon D 3300, the most basic one (which I still use by the way) and started doing my own shoots with the help of two of the most impatient men, who want nothing to do with holding a camera, or getting up in the morning for a photo shoot. My fiance and at times my brother! Lol

These days though for the past one year, I have been taking my own pictures. Mostly I shoot indoors or on my terrace, using natural light and shoot with the help of a tripod and a remote. I also have a tiny set up I like to call my studio, where I shoot with the help of two soft boxes, although I do this only during emergencies when there isn’t enough light outside.

3) Editing: Plain and simple Photoshop. For some images I use Snapseed on my phone and I also play around with Instagram editing tools without using any of their filters. I do not stick to a particular tone or pattern and my editing purely depends on the theme and what I feel looks good really.

How and what I did to become a blogger

3)Make up and outfits: Make up like many of us I have learnt over a period of time and you’d be surprised to see that my cosmetics cover one shelf of my wardrobe only. That too almost 40-50% is what I have received through collaborations, haha. Coming to clothes, like I have always said, I keep myself updated about trends but I don’t necessarily follow them all. And you might have noticed that a lot of what I wear for my shoots have been repeated. So unless I really like something and know it would help during my shoots and I can try and wear them differently later, I refrain from spending unnecessarily. Also, I am an avid organizer. My outfits are out, ironed and ready with the accessories, along with even the make up products that I am going to use the night before.

Apart  from  being  a  full  time  blogger,  I  am  a  fashion  stylist  as  well

4) Concepts:   I usually plan my shoots a day or two ahead except for trend related posts, although there are some that has been pending for months. Most of my shoots either depict an anxious state of mind, or a phase that I am going through. Although my main objective is to always bring out the positivism in the best possible way and communicate with and motivate my readers from the challenges that I go through.

As far as conceptualizing is concerned, it just somehow comes together once I have figured what I want to write about or shoot. Also, apart from being a full time blogger, I am a fashion stylist as well which is why I do happen to have a decent collection of props, plus a few years of working in this field I believe contributes well towards my shoots at times.

So here it is, pretty much everything of how and what I do as a blogger.

How and what I did to become a blogger

How and what I did to become a blogger

How and what I did to become a blogger

Hope this post helps. And if there is anything else you would like to know more about my work, feel free to leave a comment and I’d be more than happy to help.

So to the new bloggers and the babushka’s like me who have already been in the market and are struggling for a while now, I truly wish you all the very best!



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