A Stopover at H&M

Hola Amigos!

Hope you all had one helluva weekend for mine certainly was!

First thing first, I decided to just get up early (and by early I mean 8.15 am, ahem) and have a rather productive day than the usual lazy, laid back Sunday. So, I planned my day with watching a movie at the VR mall with my fiancé, followed by a brunch which we have been planning for over a gazillion years now. Both being the night owls that we are, waking up early has always been such a task, even harder on weekends. Sigh!

Anyways, SNAP! So a movie, brunch and a visit to the Sunday Soul Sante! 😀

Whilst at the mall post the movie, I dropped anchor at the H&M store when a friend called up to help her get some retail therapy. All the hype and excitement I have been hearing about since the opening of the store on March’2016, and never really got the chance to cross the threshold, so yes, the visit has been long overdue. I know, by now everyone must have totally ravished the place but in my defence, I have been extremely busy the last few couple of months. “I pinky gage mine own valorous humble people!”  (I do this when I am a lost numbnut and need a few minutes off in between writing my posts, just go to http://lingojam.com/EnglishtoShakespearean and type random stuff.)

Ok, back to the more important things in life. H&M. Now, the moment I walked into the store, the first thought that dawned on to me was, ‘WOAH! COACHELLA’!!! Many of you would have heard the term before and for those who haven’t, here is a brief description. Coachella is one of the biggest annual music and art festival which started in 1999 and is held at the Empire Polo Club, California in Coachella Valley at the Colorado Desert. The event is held in the month of April for consecutive three-day weekends , this year being  (April 15th–17th and April 22nd–24th) and features music genres like Rock, Indie, hip hop and Electronic Dance Music popularly known as EDM. For more details, you can click on their website. Click here

Music festivals over the last couple of years has boomed and so has the industry of fashion and retail , for every music festival these days have donned a dress code of their own, H&M and Lacoste being the biggest sponsors’ along with multiple fashion brands associated with Coachella.

Coachella is a desert festival and has dress codes which for obvious reasons call for minimal clothing. Last year’s theme was ‘underbutt’, you heard me right, and this year’s a ‘fringe laden desert party’. 



On the grounds of Coachella.



DSC00064-tileAlso, being one of the most expensive festivals in the United States, it sold 198,000 tickets and grossed $84.3 million in 2015, which for certain means that the festival attracts a lot of jet sets and celebrities.Coachella-2016-4182016-Street-Style-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-2-horzImage Courtesy: Ragged

Remember I had earlier mentioned H&M is one of the biggest sponsors’ of Coachella?? Still wondering why the store is filled with those loose bohemian, flowing garments, colorful scarves, peasant style tops and tunics, loose trousers, etc? I guess not.

Let’s take a look at their collection.


Coachella HNM clothing


Coachella HNM clothing

While I began mauling the store, I found what I could blindly pass as ‘MY’ favourite section. “Rock and Rolla baby!”IMG_20160515_142821editedAnd, just when I ‘aallllmoosstt’ picked a thing or two, the compos mentis spoke, “STOP! Do not take that wallet out just yet! You have been doing this for a decade now!” If you are wondering what am I referring to here? the psychobabble is about ‘Garment Deconstruction’. Tell you what, I can get weary of things in a trice, hence cutting, snipping, altering clothes is a passion I cultivated as a solution to this problem! ( My fiancé has been repeatedly forced on sacrificing a dozen of his old and fairly new T-Shirts over this ‘Buy- Rip- Wear’ obsession of mine, oh, how he would love preparing a 15 minutes speech on it.)



Wait, don’t I just love how one idea leads to another!?!?

WELL! Now that I have mentioned about my hobby on deconstruction, how about a tutorial on one? I will soon be back with a post on this.

And while I am gone collecting the next clothing destined for me to destroy, you know what to do.

Just keep it stylish to the bones peeps!



Location: H&M Store, V.R Mall, Bangalore

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