How to wear puffer bomber jackets!

So I write this with a heavy head and a runny nose, all the signs of a drastic weather change (Bangaloreans would agree with me on this). I mean, I love my city, but what is it with the weather here these days? Literally freezing in the morning and all of a sudden after a few hours you’d find yourself sitting in a tank top, sipping lemonade, like it’s the middle of May-June when even January has not ended yet! Pssttt…

Also, having said that, might I just admit that I feel extremely lazy these days. Like, buffalo lazy. There are 1001 chores to be done apart from all the personal work that needs to be taken care of, like shoot planning, write ups, etc, but dare I move from my chair or my bed. And the worse part is, I know I need to change this routine, but I am like a little helpless girl, begging lethargy to leave me alone. Truly, fighting the  world is one thing, but fighting your inner demon is like a whole different battle altogether.

About the Look:

I might have mentioned earlier that I had a lot of winter outfit ideas to shoot, but November – December was a bad month, both physically and mentally. Plus, because of the number of collaboration shoots (which otherwise is a good thing) I was unable to work on personal/ outfit shoots and well, 2017 winter just passed by. So I thought that the least I could do is finish this one shoot that I had in mind for a while now till the cold season lasts.

Puffer and Bomber jackets  have  been  a  craze  last  fall’ 2017

You all know what a rage bomber and puffer jackets were (or still are) this winter.  I wanted to break the monotony of the simple black jacket with some colors and bling, which is why I paired them with my favorite pair of patched denims, which is a DIY by the way and wore a lacy ribbon around my collar to give my shirt a little Victorian look. You might have noticed that every item I am wearing are poles apart from each other, like a classic white shirt with a Victorian twist, paired with a shiny pair of denims and well the humble bomber, plus the quirky earrings and bag. But I guess that is what I like about this outfit so much, there is a lot going on and yet it just all somehow comes together in the end.

Puffer and Bomber Jackets

Puffer and Bomber Jackets

Puffer and Bomber Jackets

You can also style these jackets with a simple pair of denim, or, leather pants and a white shirt and boots to keep it simple yet classy, or, a cute little dress and strappy sandals and tights. If your jacket is a little longer than your waist, you can even try them on with a pencil midi skirt with a cinched waist belt. Really, the choice is yours!

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Concept, Styling, Makeup, Modelling, Edit: Smita Roy Majumder

PhotographyTeam SnT

Outfit Details:

Jacket: Myntra, Jeans: (DIY Ripped) , Shoes, Commercial St., Bag and Shirt: Sarojini Market (New Delhi)

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