The Gypsy Girls’ Winter

‘Summers over Winter’, is what most people say. This because they see the season as dull and inert. Also, nobody likes a frosty weather, where the most important task feels like it can wait and you do not even get to wear your favorite clothes without having to cover them up with an outerwear, right?

But, maybe, all you need is just a different perspective to see that winter is not all that sombre as you think it is and that it has a beauty of it’s own. There is warmth in the chill outside the coziness of your home and there is color in the different shades of grey, black and white.

About the Look:

You can probably tell with the beige influence of this outfit that it was supposed to be an autumn post. Yes, I was supposed to put the article up last month for it is a continuation of one of my previous posts, Reasoning – Chapter 1, but had to postpone it, well lets just say, reasons. But then, I guess it still fits the scene for this is also an outfit idea of how you can experiment with your existing wardrobe, without having to buy new clothes and create something interesting.

Jackets, denims, dresses and closed shoes is what we usually aim for dressing up during winters. So I thought, why not give a winter outfit a bohemian twist. I found this old embroidered cardigan in my mom’s closet, which I paired with one of my old kurtis. Well I did stitch the side slit of the kurti to make it look like a dress of course. And to accentuate the waistline, I added a belt. I really wish I could do more with this look, but bad health has drained most of my energy out and I am still recovering, but I do have a lot more new and interesting posts coming. So stay tuned!

You can even add stockings, wear a long shrug, go with or without the belt and add a lot more accessories to this look. Really, the world is your oyster and like I always say, do not be afraid to experiment and just do whatever pleases you.

Also, to those who ask me and are keen to know about about my personal as well as work life, my recent interview with Couponji has addressed a lot of queries I often get asked about, so do take a look.

Hope you liked this post and I will soon be back with more!



Concept, Styling, Makeup, Modelling, Edit: Smita Roy Majumder

PhotographyTeam SnT

Outfit Details:

Cardigan: Darling Mother’s / Kurti: Janpath, New Delhi / Boots: A store in Sydny

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