Dwelling in Paradise City! A tribute to one of the greatest bands of all times

We all went through that phase when the ‘Three F’s’ are all that mattered in life , Friends, Fun and Fashion.  I have a few close people I am lucky to call friends, fashion is what I still live for and for fun among other things, I used to listen to music. I say used to because along with many changes in my life I have somehow strayed away from music and it truly saddens me.

There was a time that music worked as an elixir to all my life’s problems, be it a physical, or, an emotional strife. I never needed a shoulder to cry upon for I knew my playlist was there to make me feel better.  I am an 80’s kid and like many others I grew up listening to old school rock and classics. I remember the days when behind closed doors, the hours between coming home from school and homework were spent listening to songs  that were on repeat for years together.

There were the cheesy, ice-creamy tracks like “Paint my Love” and “Love you anyway” to cherish the pretty face you saw in school or college everyday, or,  Mr. Big’s,  “To be with you” for that one-sided fiery romance brewing within. There was, “Cry me a river”,  “Someday” and “Un-break my heart”, for the times you lost your appetite and sleep over  a nasty break up and then there were tracks like “Breaking the Law” when you felt the whole world is crashing down!

“My   love   for   Guns   N’  Roses   and   their   songs   is   imperishable”

Every occasion has some song to relate to, but then there a few legendary ones that people still listen to today be it anytime of the day. Call it cliched, but my love for Guns N’ Roses and their songs is imperishable. I was obsessed with the way each and every band member looked, their signature styles and demeanor I felt were like no other, which is why I am dressed like Axl Rose here and undoubtedly Axl in his younger days, haha.

I would listen to them when I just wanted to forget everything and be in my little world which was mostly my dark room under my blanket. GnR has been with me through most of the ups and downs of my life and while most of their songs remain embedded in my heart and mind, “November Rain” continues to be my favorite.

I hope this post took you back to the days when the grass was green and the girls were pretty. Until next time.



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