Geek Fashion! One of Fall Winter 2016 and Gucci’s Favourite Trends!

Geek Chic‘Stop watching Fashion TV, it is not going to fetch you a job!’, ‘Tyra Banks and Nigel Barker are not going to pay for your bills!, ‘Vogue? is this included in your school/college syllabus?’. Sounds familiar?? Fortunately I didn’t have to listen to much of these golden words growing up. My parents had given up on their dreams of their daughter becoming a doctor or an engineer at a very early stage (No pun intended). Not that I was a bad student really, but somehow I have never had a good relationship with books. 

A couple of my friends went through that phase though. Compromising with an average looking dress, not because they cannot afford it, but because mom thinks, kapdo pe dhyaan rahega toh padhai se hath jayega.

Anyway, the bottom-line is, according to many, you are either an intellectual who buries his/her face in books all day, and thinks that taking care of yourself is a luxury you cannot afford, for you need all that time to study. Or you are a style diva (at-least you think you are) who touches her text books only when the risks of ruining her freshly coated nail-polish is diddly-squat.

It has always been an either or situation. It is still a struggle for a lot of kids to convince themselves and their parents with the notion that there is another world out there where you do not have to forget yourself, can choose to become anything you want to be and yet look your best. Yes, you can be a nerd and a total swank at the same time, for the ‘Geek Style’ my friend has been in trend for a long time now. It is not only the signature style of a lot of Fashionistas, but has been burning the run-ways this F/W 2016 too. 

Let’s eyeball Gucci’s 2016-70’s geek chic look.

Gucci Fall Winter 2016 Collection Womens Wear
Gucci Fall Winter’ 2016 Collection / Womens Wear
Gucci Fall Winter 2016 Collection Mens Wear
Gucci Fall Winter’ 2016 Collection/ Mens Wear

Source: Gucci

While I have always been a fan of this misfit fashion all my life, I tried creating a look keeping the nerd in mind, that I never was, and fashion that I have always thrived for, with a tweak of street, soft punk and goth. 

Geek FashionGeek FashionGeek LookGeek Fashion

Hope you liked this entry and the look, see you guys soon. 



Outfit Detail: Hat, Shoes: Stores in Singapore / Thigh Highs: GK Market, New Delhi / Dungarees: Sarojini Market, New Delhi / White Stretchable Shirt: Dubai Plaza, Bangalore

Concept, Styling, Modelling, Edit: Smita Roy Majumder

Hair and Make-Up: Florence

Photography: Team S’n’T

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