Are we all not but Florence Foster Jenkins?

This entry is neither a movie review nor a rhetoric rant. It is not about fashion, but an on-going trend perhaps.

I was in the process of writing another post when I started watching the movie Florence Foster Jenkins. I was home alone and sometimes I quite don’t like or need the quiet ambiance that writers usually prefer. Being a cinephile, a drama with a touch of vintage element is an opportunity I would never miss upon. It started as a series of laughter where I would lift my head up, laugh at the comic scenes and get back to writing again. But there came a point, when I put my laptop aside and got so deeply involved in the movie that I started relating it to reality.

Being Happy and gaining Motivation from Florence Foster Jenkins

Source:  IBTimes

Without thrusting spoilers, let me give you a gist of the story. The movie is a comedy-drama, a biography about Florence Foster, brilliantly played by Meryl Streep, who is a socialite and is very passionate about singing, but is known for her lack of ability of getting her notes right. Despite being mocked and ridiculed by the society and it’s so called debutantes, she remained committed to what she loved and enjoyed doing most, and continued pursuing her career as a singer, made records and even performed in the most elite social clubs and theaters. 

Source: Awards Daily

I do not know what it is, but rarely a story moves me the way this one did. It got me thinking, are we all not but characters similar to her? A lot of people I know, including me, have at one time or the other, fallen prey to or been forsaken by the people surrounding us. How many times have we all tried pursuing our dreams, or done something and were scorned at, reasons being they were against the customary dogmas. 

I remember this incident, when one of my colleagues who happens to be a little on the heavier side, wore a short shirt dress to work once. People wouldn’t stop passing sarcastic comments, a few of them being absolutely contemptuous. Some would walk up to me and say things like, ‘Oh my God! Look at her thunder thighs!’, ‘Can’t she see she is too fat for that dress?’. And my answer to them was, ‘No, I do not see her thunder thighs and I do not see how fat as you say she looks in that dress. All I see is, how happy she is with the thought that she looks wonderful today!’. It has been over two months since I started my website and the response that I have been getting is over-whelming. Not to mention there are some, might I call them, the nonconformists, who take the liberty of sending messages and e-mails, that are completely irrelevant to the posts. I tend to disregard them and move on,  for there is nothing in those messages to be taken as constructive criticism. 

Having said that, not everyone can ignore the things said and done that go against what they believe in, and ultimately give in to the bullies. When everybody has the liberty to express themselves and speak freely, what gives these self-acclaimed social obstinates the authority to judge somebody else? If you do not like what you see or have nothing nice to say, well, why not just keep it to your yourself and say nothing at all?

While most of the people die trying to blend in to be accepted by others. If you want to do something that strays away from the mainstream, even if others disapprove of it, I say go ahead and do it anyway. Live of your own accord and do not let anybody’s tenet stop you from doing things that makes you happy, for you solely are in charge of your contentment and no-one else.



Being Happy and gaining Motivation from Florence Foster Jenkins


Some people may say I cannot sing,

But no one can ever say I did not sing.

– Florence Foster Jenkins


Concept, Styling, Modelling, Edit: Smita Roy Majumder

Photography: Team S’n’T

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