Black and White stripes and Neons! Spring Summer 2017 Trends

Black and white, the colors of the muddled, the laid back or the certain.

There are just so many ways to exemplify the two tones, either individually or in a dual form.

Black and White Stripes and Neon

“Wear black and dress safe”


“Wear white if you want to reinvent yourself “

Black and White stripes and Neons – Spring Summer 2017 


Black and White Stripes and Neon

This write-up as mentioned in my last article,  is the first outfit inspiration from the S/S 2017 fashion, where I have combined two different trends together. Black and White stripes and Neons. Reasons? first, black and white combined with a powerful luminous color creates a vivid prospect. 

Black and White Stripes and Neon

And second, this fusion I believe somehow represents life, well at least my life, lolBlack and/or White, which could be interpreted as colorless, as life is, at times dull with its mandatory diurnal chores, unpleasant events, etc. And the inclusion of Neon which I consider to be all the things bright and beautiful, that adds meaning and colors to your life otherwise.

Yes, I do that sometimes. Become Aristotle and relate objects to life. So, if it is getting too philosophical for you, we can snap out of our #wednesdaywisdom and switch to describing my look. 😀

About the Look

“It’s amazing how a dash of color can bring something in Black and White to life”

Black and White Stripes and Neon

As I said, I think it’s amazing how a smack of color can bring something in Black and White to life. Hence with this B&W dress I decided to wear a bright pair of Neon casual shoes with colorful striped socks, which in fact is another fad the coming season (Not the socks, bright bold colorful stripes I mean) :p.

Black and White Stripes and Neon

Neon Shoes with Black and White Dress


Black and White Stripes and NeonBlack and White Stripes and Neon

Hair & Make-up: Messy pony with a bright popping lip-color 

MAC Retro Matt, All fired up.

 Black and White Stripes and Neon


Below I have compiled a few products (Black & White, Colorful stripes and Neons) for you to go ahead and buy them and,


(Click on the images for direct purchases)

Miss Chase Pink Skater Dress

Arancia Pink Fabric Clutch

Vero Moda Multicoloured Striped Bodycon Dress

KOOVS Striped Midi Dress

KOOVS Bold Stripe Volume Cold Shoulder Top



Women Pink Solid Stilettos

Knotty Derby Women Yellow Brogues

Vans Unisex Fluorescent Green Solid Sneakers

Chumbak Colour Splash Satchel Bag

Hope you liked this post and my take on the Black and White Dress and the Neons.

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Outfit Details:

Dress Faballey, Myntra/ Sunglasses: Koovs/ Shoes: Shopnineteen/ Sock: Sarojini Market, New Delhi

Concept, Styling, Modelling, Edit: Smita Roy Majumder

Photography: Team S&T

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