My Obsession with Bell Sleeve and a note on being assertive to Nothingness!

Do, re, me, fa, I don’t know! Bleh, bleh! , is how I began writing this post and deleted it numerous times, until I finally decided to just let go and thought, how about I let this post be about, nothing! Yes, this write up is an outfit post and I want to write about bell sleeve clothes. But forgive me for being honest here, as much as I love my top, how much can one elaborate on it? lol

bell sleeve and choker top

We bloggers apart from describing the outfit we are wearing for the post, share our experiences, and at times write about anything that motivates us. Which brings me to writers block, a nightmare we all go through often. And boy, those moments are nothing less than a bad break up. A mind full of balderdash when it should be overflowing with creative reasoning. Followed by the feeling of agitation, along with cursing oneself of being a no good bonehead!

bell sleeve and choker top

Besides, for people like me, who have an appetite for making every post a meaningful one, the struggle is real. Not to forget, my site’s SEO, which constantly reminds me of how, whatever I have written so far is just not good enough! (My fellow bloggers would relate to this I am certain, sigh!) 

About   the  look:   White   Bell   Sleeve   Top   from   Ajio

I instantly fell in love with this beautiful white bell sleeve top I purchased recently from Ajio.  Bell sleeves and choker tops being a must have this season, the top is an all-in-one and has everything I have been looking for.

bell sleeve and choker top

bell sleeve and choker top

bell sleeve and choker top

bell sleeve and choker top

There is something about bell sleeve clothings that makes them look so, french, chic, soft and romantic, don’t you think so?

bell sleeve and choker top

Grab one for yourself before your size runs out, from the tops that I liked and have picked from different sites.

Top with Bell Sleeves

White Choker Neck Rochell Top

Mace Top


Meanwhile, a lesson learnt today and an advice to my blogger friends. Do not beat yourself up if you cannot think of anything to write about and are approaching a deadline. Take a break, have a cuppa, Netflix, chill and come back after a while, you might end up writing a decent enough post, even on NOTHINGNESS! (pun intended)

Also, I would love to know how would you like to style your top/dress, so do leave your thoughts in the comment section.

Hope you all have a good one!



Outfit Details:

Top: Ajio / Skirt: Forever 21, Similar here

Shoes: Jabong, Similar here

Concept, Styling, Modelling, Edit: Smita Roy Majumder

PhotographyTeam S&T

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